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Favorite TMNT Single Issue or Story Arc?

When it comes to most any given comic series or character, while people may like a lot of stories, everyone has that one issue or story arc that stands above the rest in their heart.

I figured that would be the same for TMNT, so I thought I would ask, what is your favorite issue/issues of any of the TMNT comics, be they Mirage, Archie, IDW, IDW Adventures, Dreamwave, Daily Comic Strips, etc?

Also, do you have a preferred comic series among them? Main series or Tales of/Universe/spin-off?

For me, while IDW has really been growing on me as of late with my little marathon through the IDW Collection, Mirage holds a special place in my heart (probably because the 1990 movie was my first love of the Franchise, and a lot of why I loved it was adapted from the Mirage books).

I was personally quite partial to the Leonardo, 10, and 11 portion of the story, with the alternation between Leo's fight with the Foot and the rest of the gang enjoying setting up for Christmas, the big surprise of Shredder's return, their battle in April's apartment, and leading to their recovery and soul searching at Casey's family farm. It really works well as a story.

I'm also quite partial to the first issue as a solid complete standalone story, Raphael for a great character introduction in Casey while also developing Raph's character, City at War for being an absolutely amazing end to Volume 1, and Soul's Winter for being a fascinating piece both story-wise and visually speaking.

What about you? Among all of TMNT's comic greatness, what stands at the pinnacle for you?
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Andrew NDB
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Pound for pound, Return to New York (#19-21). It's perfect.
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Volume 1, issue 12.

If I had to pick a single solo issue, that'd be it.

I also really love Dooney's Challenges book a whole lot.

Also "True Stories."
If for no other reason than it's the best possible representation of pretty much everyone in the main cast, April included.
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Endless Screw
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Mirage: Tales Of The TMNT Vol. 2 issues 13/14, "Loops". Kid, teen, adult, & senior Leonardo are all plucked from their points in time to carry out a mission at the behest of a God-like being. Leonardo's my favorite turtle, so it's really cool seeing 4 versions at once, gaining perspective from one another & kicking ass.

Archie: #22, purely out of nostalgia. It was one of the first TMNT comics I ever had. But Gene Colan's art is a factor too! Solid work on his part, for sure.

IDW: I'd say the 30th anniversary special, but that's cheating. Hard to say. Probably the Northhampton arc right after City Fall. The art, the themes, it's exactly what I want from TMNT.

Overall, Mirage takes the win (+ Image, which is my favorite run & is a part of that universe as far as I'm concerned).
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City at war
I could read it over and over. Never gets old to me and puts me in the mood to go through comic runs
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Originally Posted by Powder View Post
Archie: #22, purely out of nostalgia. It was one of the first TMNT comics I ever had. But Gene Colan's art is a factor too! Solid work on his part, for sure.
Man, it was mighty good! Amazing to think Colan drew an issue of TMNT for the "kid's comic." Wish he could have done more!

My favorite standalone Mirage issue is probably #45 of Volume 1, because of Dan Berger's art and Ryan Brown's inking that adds some levity to an otherwise intense story. It's a nice set-up for City at War and it develops Leatherhead's character nicely.

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Abby Normal
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trying to narrow it down to just one would be an exercise in futility.

so hear are my faves

Mirage Vol. 1 - Issue #1
Mirage Vol. 1 - Leonardo Micro-series + Issue #10 + Issue #11
Mirage Vol. 1 - Issue #19 + Issue #20 + Issue #21

Image Comics - Issue #1 - #4

Mirage Tales of the TMNT v.2 Issue #5 + Leonardo: Blindsight 1 - 4

IDW Issue #5
IDW Splinter Micro-series
IDW Secret History of the Foot Clan #1 - #4

Mirage - TMNT: Challenges
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archie, comic, dreamwave, idw, mirage

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