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Hi all,
While I was a fan of the TMNT comics from the mid-late 80's, I have to say the Nick toon is the reason I'm here today. I'm 41 with a 9 yr old son who has been watching and playing with the toys since 2012. I admit, I love watching the show with him--which isn't such a stretch for me considering my love of Star Wars, Ghostbusters, 80s films, the Boomerang channel, etc, etc. I'm also a very intense collector, so I'm here gathering information as I try to put together a complete sealed collection of the Playmates line for my son to have once he grows to an adult. I can recall my parents telling me multiple times how they wish they would have been able to buy an extra Kenner SW figure to "pack away" every time they bought me one to play with--so I suppose I'm living out their dream, as well as mine. My son has no idea I'm doing this, which makes it even more enjoyable, though I imagine he will eventually ask me what all the huge boxes in the basement are full of! But the idea is to present the collection to him sometime in his early 20's maybe. Will be a good laugh if he has no interest in it! I'm pretty well close to a complete run of the 6inch figures and vehicles, even splurging for a Muckman on ebay recently, but do love tracking items down I might have missed during their time on retail shelves. Thank you all for your TMNT knowledge and sharing it here!

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