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Thank you Candy, I was gonna make a similar post but I doubt they'll respond. If they do, I expect a screen shot of the second mutations from Red Sky and dragon-turtles from the Ninja Tribunal season.

Edit: (preemptive strike) Look how Bayturtles uses stuff from all the past versions!

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For a start, they could have just made 1 movie instead of trying to cram 5 movies into 1.
That works (VERY well) if writers and director know what they're doing......
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Originally Posted by ToTheNines View Post
Now this is highly hypothetical, but give it a try.

How much easier would you have been on Bayturtles if:

1. They were a photorealistic version of what you expect the turtles to look like.

2. They weren't covered in random trinkets and flair.

3. They weren't 9 feet tall and UGLY AS FU*K.

They still would have sucked, but I think I would have found the movie a bit more palatable. And the general movie going audience might have agreed.

I'd have amicably enjoyed the movie, even though it was still a turd.

The three things you listed are what prevent me from watching the PD TMNT films.
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As much as Bayturtles let me down, it really had nothing to do with the turtle designs.

I would have made them smaller/shorter. Possibly would have dropped the nostrils. Honestly, there's a lot I like about those designs.

It's the **** storytelling that killled the film for me.
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Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
I just hate those goddamn noses and nostrils. They're so goddamn disgusting. They look like Shrek's nose or noses of the Hulk or something.

I remember being mentally traumatized back in 2014 when the Bayturtle designs were revealed for the first time. I was so morally offended by the noses that I sat there ranting what a disgrace it was on a daily basis for like 2 years.

I had never seen something so disturbing and morally wrong before in my entire life as Turtle noses.
Turtles have nostrils, for the 100th time!

BUT... the turtles' designs are kinda ugly. I'll give you that. Especially in the 2014 movie.

Notice how Cubed never responds whenever I point this out to him.

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Originally Posted by RaphaelsIsolation View Post
They could of made a TMNT movie without a huge ****ing budget?

I mean couldn't they just make a movie on 50 million? I think the could have.
With a Kraang or Triceraton large-scale invasion of Earth.
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