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Random Punk
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Has anyone played the TMNT Clash Alley Board Game

My son has looked at this game a few times and I'm wondering if anyone has played it? It looks somewhat customizable.
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Random Punk
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We bought it about a month ago and I've played it with my boys a few times. Its pretty simple, my 6 year old played with us with minimal help. You basically can have up to 4 players, each controlling a turtle. Then you randomly select 1 of the 4 mission cards. The object is to complete your mission (get to the square with the object you need...and they are face down at the time so you may have to try more than once) and get back to your starting square first. You will have little fights along the way against various turtle enemies. And there are 3 levels which allows you to jump off say level 2 and get a bonus for landing on your enemy. While the rules are simple, it leaves a few questions unanswered so we just improvised a little. But for $15 (on sale), not a bad little game.
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board game

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