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Exclamation Retromutagen Ooze Premutant Turtle query...assistance welcome :)

May I please clarify (bonus points if you're a fan who was perhaps swayed by curiosity, and opened their mint 1989 trash can of Ooze, to document the contents)...

The 'BONUS! Glow in the Dark Premutant Turtle Inside' - when this item debuted, was it the small or the large Turtle?

Were both sizes available simultaneously, or was this variant more of a running change that then became the new norm?

Bonus question;

If I've done my homework thoroughly, the standing Turtle and the Premutant Splinter debuted in the 1991 Retromutagen Foot Ooze.

If not a Splinter, was it exclusively the standing Turtle (and never the earlier, on all four legs wearing eyemask Turtle)?

Thanks in advance for the vital tortistics!

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It's pretty much a mess I had never even heard of the standing one before I got him in an empty canister and it was in there.

Ironically, neither of my standing turtles will actually stand.

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There were three sizes. Small, Medium, and standing. The Medium and standing were most common, the small is a little harder to find. There was also a splinter who came in the purple ooze.

Hope that helps! If you are in need of the medium glowing turtle let me know
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