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Power Rangers Super Megaforce-Legendary Battle: Renegade Edition (re-edit)

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This is an altogether different edit of Legendary Battle than the one I worked on which combined "Vrack is Back", "The Wrath" and the finale. It still has the same alternative ending and some of the minor trims (as well as improvements on ones in the original cut), but this one makes use of two well known elements (one of which has a very controversial place with fandom, which I thought fit perfectly for this episode)


[hide]-After the titles, we get a few minutes from the controversial MMPR fanfilm project, indicating that the legendary battle is made possible by the Silver Guardians “Ranger” project.
-Added in Tommy’s epic showdown with Ryu to just after Troy tells the Rangers they will win at the campfire
-Prior mentions of Orion leaving the planet cut so the final scene makes sense
-Re-purposed Orion’s departure from the penultimate episode “The Wrath” for final scene of the episode.[/hide]

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