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This is probably the first time I've run across this thread so here are my two cents:

The next volume should follow the same formula as the first one. (i.e. comics, toys, various shows and movies) So I'm thinking that the main topics should include the brief Image comics run, The Next Mutation, the 2k3 toon/Fast Forward/BTTS, Turtles 2k7, Turtles Forever, the 2k3 toyline, 2k3-2k7 video games and finally the NECA/Mirage toys.

The 2012 toon, IDW volumes, OOTS and Mutants in Manhattan video games, NECA convention exclusives, the 1/4 scale turtles and finally the new live action films and beyond should be saved for Turtle Power III
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Canadian Turtle
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We are doing our best to cover as much as we can for sure!

We will have some exclusive content and sneak peeks at our SDCC panel on staturday! I encourage any tmnt fans going to con to come out!
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As much as I enjoy his positive disposition I would like to hear genuinely from Eastman about the iterations that disappointed him or that he felt negatively about.
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turtle power ii

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