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Coola Yagami
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Originally Posted by Shark_Blade View Post
Leo, sweetie itís time we go shopping for brand new music on itunes. That wonít do at all...

That Shredder reminds me of orokusakishredder on this forum.
I guess he really did come to life.
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Something from the Past
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I always thought those extra features on the DVD were a little strange. Especially Shredder's. Andrew's point is spot on, 1990 Shredder never wanted to take over the world (at least, there's nothing to indicate that). He had his hands full just taking over one city.

I would imagine Leonardo would like other types of music besides traditional Japanese.
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Mad Scientist
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Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
Shredder not liking food is hilarious, they could have at least said he eats Japanese food.

So 1990 movie Shredder doesn't eat?
Food is time, time better spent capturing those pesky Turtles.
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