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Mutant Tiger
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Casey Jones: Overtime - TMNT Universe Fan Film

Check out this new TMNT Fan Film about Casey Jones.

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Team Blue Boy
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Not bad, was put together pretty well. Some of the dialogue out of some actors could sound like they mean it a bit more, but others were believable enough. Guy makes a decent enough Casey, and certainly more-so than what happened in the last big film.
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Salami Origami
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Watched this the other day. Nice work from a technical perspective, for amateur guys. They did a good job in the editing room, so to speak. I like Casey & Keno (or who I assume is meant to be Keno) being homies, the premise of them stumbling upon purple dragons stealing ooze for a shadowy criminal enterprise (who we could assume are Saki's people), etc, but the acting & dialogue are pretty bad overall. I almost didn't stick it out as a result. But don't get me wrong, I definitely respect the effort that went into it. They made it happen, which is more than most people can say of their fan-work aspirations.
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Like, stupid rich.
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I could be wrong here (I couldn't find any info on the guy) but I think this is the same Carlos I went to film school with in Vancouver.

He was on his last semester when I was starting and hosted a screening of a short Ninja Turtles film he shot and was hoping to pitch in L.A(before the Bay TMNT was announced). The whole movie was basically April and Karai talking in an interrogation room and had alot of sound issues.

I wonder if it's the same guy.

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casey jones: overtime

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