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Old 02-12-2020, 11:54 PM   #21
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I like it, hope we can get another season.
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Old 02-17-2020, 01:48 PM   #22
shredder orokusaki
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It is the worst compared to all previous shows especialy what they did to me(making me just a monster and not fighting the turtles until season 2). But what Tom said about it killing TMNT is not true because nothing can kill TMNT at this time when it has become so popular after 36 years.
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Old 02-18-2020, 12:16 AM   #23
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Originally Posted by Vegita-San View Post
there is no one talented enough left in hollywood (or left with actual free reign to create and risk) to get us anything anywhere NEAR what 2003 turtles was.

The only thing I've really flat out enjoyed in nick tmnt era has been tmnt idw and batman vrs tmnt movie.

2k12 was too hit and miss for me. and I could barely get past the first episode of rise and have not looked back.

As far as I am concerned, TMNT as we knew it died when peter laird sold things off. just like with star wars. they would have to flush the offices of this new age talent and start fresh with something amazing to get me to care again.

hasn't happend yet.
I mostly agree. Although I think TMNT was pretty dead in the few years before Nick bought it. 2007-2009 were some of the worst years for TMNT toys and cartoons, IMO

I remember the ****** 2007 movie toys, horrible back to the sewer cartoon, and a general lack of care for the franchise
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