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Digital Ghost
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Hey Dromers,

I'll try and keep it short...
I haven't posted on these forums in years! 2018 looks to be the last time and I'd been slipping for some time before that. Time truly flies! Still love the TMNT of course and collecting the figures, etc but my collecting addiction/hobby started branching into other areas, especially during the Rise of the TMNT era wherein I wasn't a huge fan of the designs. I collect many different action figure lines, Hot Toys, MezcoOne12, Mafex, NECA, Super 7, etc. but I'm certainly not a completionist and just collect what I love.

I've been rewatching the 2003 series on Paramount, playing some TMNT video games but after receiving my Undercover Raph Super 7 figure a few days ago, I really started to miss this place.

If you're on Instagram and post about TMNT or similar fandoms, give me a follow and I'll follow back.

Instagram: @willittolife


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Welcome back

Welcome back
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Wednesday's Serial
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Hey another Donny head!
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