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I'm personally not feeling Seasons 3/4, not only do I feel like we are going back to the status quo but I feel as if the Galra are barely a threat now, I don't know I feel as if most of Voltron's problems are based on their personal goals versus fighting the Galra also I don't care how Hunk is put into the corner.
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I didn't think about it like that but you're right, and yes Hunk has been ignored for a while and that sucks. I still feel the greatest problem is the writers don't want to write a Voltron cartoon but are using Voltron to write the story they wanted.j

I'm just not a fan of it even if the story isn't, I like enough to continue watching it and I will finish it though, season 4 or I guess Season 5 should come out around February even if its just only a few episodes.

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Season 5 is out on March 2nd

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