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Glitter Wand
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I agree, and you have my condolences. When I hear stories such as yours, it makes me thankful I didn't have to endure that when I was growing up.
I guess my views on respect are in between. I completely agree with the fact that it is earned, not forced through fear. At the same, I will treat people with general courtes, regardless if they disrespect me. In other words, I won't turn around and throw insults back at them. In doing so, I'd be just as bad. I am beginning to see your and others' points. Just because someone is a parent, supervisor, or teacher, does not automatically mean they should be bowed down to...I think.

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Mad Scientist
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I am so sorry that some of you had to endure abuse/neglect throughout your childhood years. You didn't deserve to go through those traumatic experiences.

I wish everyone well.
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Abby Normal
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Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
Just to be clear, I do make a distinction between kids getting hit or spanked and full-blown abuse. I actually think spanking and the like, within reason, is actually kind of necessary. But if you're punching your kids in the face or throwing bottles at their head, you've crossed the line and no longer deserve any respect, as a parent or otherwise. To say nothing of sexual abuse and the like. If a guy rapes his daughter, she shouldn't "respect" him, and he shouldn't be allowed to keep breathing. "But he's her father!" Who HONESTLY f*cking cares, in that scenario?! At that point WHAT the f*ck does it MATTER that he's her father? Doesn't it matter MORE that he's a worthless scumbag? Come ON.
Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
It needs to be there, on the shelf. Like the U.S. nuclear arsenal... we don't want to use it but if you really go crazy out there we can nuke your ass.
this is pretty much how i feel on the matter.
i was spanked as a child, and i'm sure i was well deserving of it.

but there are limits that should never be crossed as Leo656 has described.
if a child is beaten senseless or other vile disgusting acts are being done then that "parent" not only DOES NOT deserve the respect of their child, but the child should have every right to disown said "parent".

respect is earned, not granted.
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Mad Scientist
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Spanked by parents, though I deserved it.

Also, there was a nun at school who scared the hell out of students, though it was emotional abuse rather than physical abuse. Unbelievably petty about everything, she was like a cross between Hitler and the Wicked Witch of the West. Oddly enough, she seemed to have turned into Mary Poppins years later. Maybe she woke up one morning and understood the mysteries of the universe?

Sorry to hear about all the people who suffered traumatic experiences in their childhood.
Splinter: "Winning is nothing. Doing your best and acting with honour are the only things that matter." (from Wrath of the Rat King)
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