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Chang'e Long
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Name: Birthname is Chang'e Mei Long ("Beautiful Moon Dragon"), unless my Chinese is incorrect.
Nicknames: Jackie Chang (given name), Lucy Liu

Physical Stats

Gender: Female
Species: Human
Nationality: Chinese
Eye: Black
Hair: Black, shoulder lengthed with red streaks

Skills and Powers: Jackie is currently trained in Kung Fu martial arts, learning the Ba Ji Chuan technique and Bagua. While she uses martial arts only as in defense, Jackie relies more on her wits and brains, so she doesn't fight very often unless needed. She doesn't use any weapons except her hands and feet which ARE her weapons. While she was born in Hong Kong, she was raised in Manhatten and went to an American school like everybody
else. Her Cantonese is rather poor and has trouble pronounciation several sentences or words.

Personality: Jackie is out-spoken and often at times a smart-aleck. She's impatient who hates playing the third wheel in an adventure (and also the part of the innocent bystander who gets left behind). She often makes irresponsible decisions and restless. She loves a good adventure and hates missing out. She also dreams of becoming a journalist like April O' Neil.

History: Jackie was born in Hong Kong China. Due to the over-population of the City, her family moved to Chinatown and opened up a souvenir shop. The Shredder invaded the shop and took the family hostage. He was looking for a sacred relic called the Jade Egg which is said to contain hidden power. Jackie tried to defend
herself, but the Foot Ninja were far more experianced and was outnumbered and overwhelmed. The Ninja Turtles arrived at the nick of time and attacked the Foot Clan. Jackie wandered what he could possibly want in a souvenir shop and thought about a treasure chest. The chest had been around for generations and the family is responsible for its safe keeping. Jackie flees with the treasure box and into a wherehouse where she opened it to discover a Jade Egg and wandered if this was the 'sacred relic' he was looking for.

The Shredder caught up with her and demanded her to surrender the item. Jackie tells him to back off only to be captured by the Foot Clan. The Jade Egg slips out of her hand and falls to the floor. The Jade Egg cracks and out comes a monkey humanoid named Sun Wukong. The Shredder was shocked and angry, since he thought he was worthless. When Sun Wukong demonstrated his power, the Shredder was amazed and wanted his power
for himself. Sun Wukong was surrounded and was helped by the Turtles. Together the go through a fantastic journey in the magical world of Sun Wukong.

Relationship: Because Jackie freed him from his prison, he offered his services to her and became a sort of loyal servant, willing for her to do whatever he wants her to. In later RPs Jackie becomes quite close to Leonardo and Venus De Milo and often mentions of wanting a sibling.

Name: Sun Wukong

Gender: Male
Species: Monkey
Nationality: Chinese legend
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black

Skills and Powers: He used to have the power of immortality, but was taken away by the Jade Emperor for all
of his troubles in heaven. Now he is a mortal deity who specializes in monkey kung fu and uses a bo staff that
sometimes acts as a pillar and rides around in a cloud.

Personality: While he's loyal to Jackie, he's also very hard to control. He's wild and hard to tame which doesn't make it easier for her. He often disobeys orders in search for something to do for he hates being bored and rather prefer to have fun. His favorite pastimes is pelting Leonardo with seeds from the fruit that he eats and annoy him to no end. He's also crude who chews with his mouth open and scarfing down huge amounts of food. He can also
be a fierce protector if he has too.

History: Sun Wukong is a legend personafied. Because of the ruckus he caused in heaven, the Jade Emperor lost whatever patience he had left for him and concealed him inside an egg untill he learns to behave. He also took away his immortality and strip him off his status as a god. Since Jackie freed him from the egg, his services are dedicated to her. Together with the Mutant Turtles, they go on a journey to regain Sun Wukong's honor and
immortality from the Jade Emperor.

Relationships: It is clear to see that he's fallen in love with his liberator, who reminded him of the Goddess of the Moon. He's loyal and dedicated to her but is insanely jealous of Leonardo, whom she become very close too. He often annoys Leonardo by playing cruel jokes and tricks. The two are always squaring off. Leonardo doesn't fight for her affections, though more for respect.

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