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Voice Actor Discovery From FW Series

Apologies if what I'm about to say is common knowledge. I finally got around to watching the John Carpenter movie Prince of Darkness. It's a good movie, quite recommended. When I began watching the credits an actor name stuck out: Thom Bray who plays the character of Etchison in the movie. The name rang a bell so I looked him up and found out he's the voice of Howie (Irma's musical boyfriend) in those two episodes he did of TMNT. I suppose he partly got the part because he can sing:

Anyway Thom's character Etchison is the first character to die in Prince of Darkness, killed with the sharp end of a bicycle by Alice Cooper of all people!

Here's a picture, I won't insert an image due to it's violence but here's a link:

Amazing seeing voice actors from TMNT turn up in 80s films and TV shows. It's like when I saw Rob Paulsen appear in the film Warlock.
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actually i really enjoyed the episodes with this guest star.

However, it was kind of "is this something i should know" feeling or a they are referencing something that i don't get.

Thanks for closing the loop on this one.
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Howie was annoying as hell, but his first episode has a cool brief fight between Shredder and Donatello, so therefore I've never skipped it in my several FW toon rewatches due to that particular fight. It's a shame it's in such an episode, since good actual fights were rare in the FW series. I guess there's no such a thing as a free lunch...
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Teenager in Love

He at least did a funny parody of Teenager in Love.
Because of continuity and timeline errors, I've given up writing fanfiction based on the 1987-1996 animated television series. Instead, I'm trying to reboot the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles story, something many other fanfiction writers alredy do:

Hopefully, stories will later appear at
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