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Originally Posted by sdp View Post
Rise failing means any future incarnation will have Shredder the whole time and all your favorite FW mutants show up for any version going forward
Which would absolutely be the wrong takeaways from Rise failing.

But you're 100% right.
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Merchandise $$$ is also sending that same message. Viacom would never let something like 2k3 would never happen again in the manchild era. And to think some people were hating on Peter Laird when he was in charge for not letting the company grow. Monkey paw wish turned their dream into a reality.

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Would be cool if the IDW comics can get an animated adaption, they have 100+ issues now (technically 200+ with all the specials and mini's), to make a series out of. And I don't mean based on it, but actually adapting the stories as they are into cartoon form.
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