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Originally Posted by Autbot_Benz View Post
only if its in a two pack with Pixel Dan
And once again, Zach Ryder is declared the designated odd man out in the Neca bromance love triangle....
Originally Posted by Panther10 View Post
Bump and just a quick FYI:

I was able to buy this figure from Lunar Toys. They ended up getting a few more of the Special editions in stock so I grabbed one. So I'm no longer in the market for a First Gokin NT-01
Originally Posted by I Crave Pizza No More View Post
Congrats! Did you get the special edition with the chrome parts, or just the standard version?
Originally Posted by Powder View Post
Says right there he got the special edition, mane.
Originally Posted by I Crave Pizza No More View Post
You're right! D'oh!
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