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Grating continuity errors in crossover comics

I recently bought the "X-tinction agenda" saga which was a triple crossover between X-men, New Mutants and X-factor and was drawn by Jon Bogdanove (X-factor), Rob Liefeld (New Mutants) ans Jim Lee (X-men)

While the story is top notch, there are some very glaring errors continuity-wise.

And likewise some very terrible art by Bogdanove, I mean it DOES say something if your artwork makes Rob Liefeld's look good.

Apparently due to not being in agreement over what exactly should be depicted in the scenes drawn by their respective artists or maybe because of them not being aware of what the others had drawn, the parts drawn by Bogdanove differ greatly from what Lee and Liefeld depicted.

- In the parts drawn by Liefeld and Lee, Forge has lost his bionic arm and leg; Bogdanove drew Forge with his bionic limbs still firmly intact.

- Wipeout, in the parts drawn by Liefeld and Lee, is a short man with spiky gray hair and wearing a pair of round glasses. In the parts of Bogdanove he's long haired, has a mustache and lacks the glasses.

- In the parts drawn by Liefeld and Lee Wolverine is wearing his orange and brown suit, in the parts drawn by Bogdanove he's "Patch" wearing a plaid jacket and jeans.

- When a tearful Wolfsbane gives Warlock's ashes to Boom-Boom in the scene drawn by Liefeld, she's wearing her Genosha slave outfit and has a humanoid appearance, in the Bogdanove drawn reprise of that scene she's drawn completely wolf-like wearing torn rags.

I mean, this HAD to go across some editor, why was there nobody saying "Holy crap, we can't release this, the continuity is blown to pieces here!"
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Nightwing#116 (2006) and Infinite Crisis#4. Dick went through Bludhaven saving who he could after Deathstroke dropped Chemo on the city. In both comic it shows Batman arrive to help Nightwing after he and Red Hood saw Chemo from the far distance when squaring off just after his reveal. Bruce arrives to find Dick overlooking Bludhaven from a cliff surveying for those in need under Johns pen and Infinite Crisis. Yet in Nightwing#116 under Devin Grayson's pen the same meet up in crossover title contunity takes place. This time however Dick passes out form exhaustion and the fumes into Batman's arms in the middle of the city opposed to overlooking it from the cliff. It appears there was a miscommunication in how Batman and Nightwing meet and I of course prefer Johns over Grayson's interpretation. Maybe its small, but that one bothered me.
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