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Originally Posted by IndigoErth View Post
You sure? Not including this one...I count three. And one has sat cold for about two weeks.

Sure, it needs it at some point in the coming months (unless other are right and it works as is) and may very well get it, but personally I don't really see too much of a rush on a subforum until we at least start getting a wealth of new info, starting with the Turtle designs. What designs have we even seen... The logo, not-actually-'Rise'-Donnie, and not-April.
We’ve sort of seen the titles of two of the episodes

Episode 10 Mutant Melee and Episode 11 The Fast and the Furriest
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I don't know how democratic the decision making process is, but I'm in favor of keeping things the way they are, rather than splitting 2012 and Rise.

It's hard to imagine what kind of 2012 news will be coming up in the future so it seems unnecessary to separate the two shows. However, if there IS any news I like that it'll pop up in the forum I'm routinely checking.

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