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The sad but true story of Old Hob is told at last by the feline himself!

And despite all of the heinous villains that appear, can we agree that Billy's mom is perhaps the most hate-able character of the entire series? XD


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I've looked after cats long enough to know that reading this issue is an absolute struggle for me.

I can take my favorite character literally being swallowed out of frame, but I just can't with anything that happens in Hob's backstory. You'd think I'd be more into him, being the cat person that I am, and I really should be.

Maybe because the first half of Hob's story is one of the most realistic and despicable things to happen in TMNT as a whole, so much so that it hits a little too close to home for me.

I've gotten to the point where I tend to just think of him as a feral cat who was born in an alley and grew up with bad enough experiences with humans before getting exposed to the mutagen and discovered by Stockgen.

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