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"Evelyn" Revised --> CONTINUED

Abilities: Bilingual (Spanish/English), fast runner, capable of being a decent acrobat, flexible, good strategist, large amount of stamina, very perceptive

Likes: Being clean, exploring, being around friends/a group, cooking, thunderstorms, anything upbeat or inspiring (like a feel-good movie), swimming, being outdoors, dancing, Aerosmith/Elvis Presley/a lot of "older" rock and bluesy music, Coffeehouse-type music

Dislikes: Abandonment, small spaces, depressing music/movies, meditating, being confronted about her personal issues, getting up early, senseless violence, forgiveness towards anyone who (she thinks) doesn't deserve it,

***Evelyn resembles Red Lioness' sea-turtle characters, Pele and Makai (shown here):
~Love was a gentle breeze,
weaves it's spell upon your

((LeAnn Rimes, Can't Fight the Moonlight))

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Toonami Tom
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'Grace' Version 2

Name: Grace
Species: Mutant Turtle
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Height: 4'11
Build: small
Skin: Lime Green
Eyes: Blue
Clothes: Black t-shirt and Bluejeans
Fighting Skills and Weapons: The TMNT taught Grace her fighting skills. She knows ninjitsu. Grace doesn't use any weapons, she fights using hand to hand combat. She is not as tough as the TMNT, the strongest enemy she can defeat is a Foot ninja.

Personality: Grace is nice and kind. She is a good person that cares about others. Grace is also very smart. She can be serious with a no-nonsense attitude at times. She can also be sarcastic at times and have an attitude.

History: She was once an ordinary baby turtle, until a scientist known as Dr. Carter tested a mutagen on her. This resulted in her becoming an intelligent, mutant turtle. The turtle girl was named Grace, and lived with Dr. Carter for nine years. When she was nine years old, she became an orphane after Dr. Carter died in a plane crash. It was rumored that the plane had been sabotaged by a rival scientist. Grace now lives alone in New York City.

((In some RPG, Grace may live with the TMNT))
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Name: Gyo

Human/Fish hybrid.


Age: Twenty.

Height: 4 '9"

Build: Small, with a sort of hunchback.

Skin: His skin is colored a pleasant shade of blue, most likely of the azure variety. It is very moist and pleasant smelling, as opposed to the usually horrendous smell of fresh fish.

The pupils of his eyes are completely black, however the area around that is a sort of pallid luminescent yellow color. They help Gyo see very well in the dark.

Hair: Despite being a somewhat disgusting fish monster, he does have hair. It is black and coarse to the touch. It has bits of seaweed sticking out of it. He has mustache-like whiskers on his face.

Overall Appearance:
He highly resembles the Ningyo from Japanese folklore. However, he has legs with webbed feet.

He wears a simple pair of pants and a backpack full of water so he won't get so easily dehydrated.

Fighting Skills and Weapons:
He has no fighting experience whatsoever, but he does have a very pleasant smell that is able to immobilize an enemy long enough for him to escape. He can see very well in the dark and the mustache-like whiskers on his face act as a sort of sonar to detect enemies. He is an excellent swimmer, due to being part-fish. Gyo can breathe both on land and underwater.

He is a little antisocial and awkward, having been raised in a special tank for all of his life. He is a very intelligent speaker, in both English and Japanese. He is a very studious and well-read little guy, but has little interest in genetics as it was never really something he was particularly good at. Gyo is much more interested in philosophy and Japanese myth.


Gyo was once just an ordinary fish swimming happily with his brothers and sisters in the ocean, until he was suddenly taken from his home and became the experiment of a Japanese scientist by the name of Ryoushi Urashima. As a child, he was obsessed with stories involving the 'Ningyo.' He thought that if he could create a creature similar to the mythical beast, he could find a way for humans to expand their lifespan just by eating them. And thus he experimented on many different species of fish by altering their DNA and adding in human DNA. Unfortuantely, all of his experiments died, save for Gyo.

By adding human DNA to the fish, Gyo began to learn and speak like humans and even gained an elongated lifespan similar to that of a human's...perhaps even longer. Urashima taught Gyo everything and became very close, almost like father and son. It was ironic, considering Urashima's real wife and son left him many years ago.

However, Urashima was unhappy with this. He had still not gained the secret to immortality he had been searching for and his creations were able to breed but as only one of them survived the splicing process there was little possibility of his dream of thousands of 'Ningyo.'

He himself was slowly dying of old age and running out of research money. One night, he decided to try to devour Gyo in hope of making himself younger, but he found himself unable to do it. He was too attached to the creature he had raised. He also remembered the tale of Happyaku Bikuni, who ate the flesh of a Ningyo and was cursed to live 800 years because of it. He compared it to his own life, which had become miserable because of his research. The only family he really had was Gyo...and here he was actually considering eating the creature that was like a son. It was then that he decided that it was time he gave up his dream. Perhaps humanity really isn't really in need of such immortality.

The next day, he sent Gyo away to live some place where he could live in peace. Gyo did as he was told, and dove into the ocean to try and live with fish. However, like humanity above, they wanted nothing to do with a freak of nature. This life of trying to fit in didn't last long, as several months later, Gyo was captured by a man named Bishop. What he wanted to do with him...Gyo wasn't sure. But whatever it was, it wasn't gonna be good.


Ugh...well, the usually weirdo scientist schtick, but it should be okay enough to use for an RP.
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Cowabunga Carl
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Name: Lumpkin
Species: Ferret
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Height: 4'9”
Build: small
Skin: Brown on top white on belly
Eyes: Blue
Clothes: A greenish hunting vest
Fighting Skills and Weapons: He has grown up on the fringe of society. Picking up what he can here and there. He has no true fighting skills but can hold his own in a fight.
Personality: Sarcastic and bitter.

History: Lumpkin began life as any other pet store animal. He was one of the first to be picked out and taken home from his litter. In fact he was quite happy growing up the pet of the little boy who had chosen him. Then a stranger found him outside one day. Lumpkin knew he shouldn’t have escaped his cage and gone exploring. The stranger caught him and took him.

Over the course of the next little while Lumpkin noticed he was changing. This man had brought him to another who started running test and doing things to him. His one goal was to get home to his boy. He escaped one night but when he got out he realized he was larger, able to walk up right, and he could talk.

He found solace in the woods. Learning the basic things to survive he went on this way for a time. Then one day he meet a group of four Frogs who dressed as humans. They befriended him and told him of four turtles and their sensei. Thinking that maybe these others could help Lumpkin set off for New York.

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Name: Venus de Milo

Age: (same age as TMNT)
Date of Birth: (same as TMNT)
Hair: none
Eyes: black
Height: (same as TMNT)
Weight: (same as TMNT)
Gender: Female
Species: Mutated Red Eared Slider Turtle
Hometown: Tokyo
Alignment (Good or Evil?): Good
Nationality: Japanese
Current Residence: New York
Siblings: Leonardo, Michealangelo, Donatello, Raphael

Description: She is a ninja turtle like her brothers; green skinned, turtle faced, three fingered and two toed, black eyed, yellow chested and half-shelled. Unlike her brothers, the top two segments of her chest case are slightly larger both in height and depth. She wears a light blue eye mask that leads into a long braid down her back.

Demeanor(Personailty): She is blissfully ignorant of the outside world, and has a generally light-hearted demeanor. She is also very disciplined, sometimes to a fault. She is often wrecked with self doubt and she has not yet come out of her shell (pun intended).

Abilities: She is an onmyoji, a japanese diviner and summoner. She controls the five elements earth, wood, fire, water and metal, is capable of divination, and can summon shikigami spirits.

Disadvantages: She lacks any formal martial arts skills, and her self doubt keeps her from fully utilizing her abilities.

Likes: Philosophy, mysticism, learning, order
Dislikes: Unruliness, chaos
Habits: Muttering, following orders, second guessing
Hobbies: Reading philosophy, divining and practicing her other abilities

History: She was a pet turtle in a childs bowl, but as a truck almost crashed into the child, a brave young man pushed the child aside, saving his life, but dumping his turtles down the sewer. The truck contained a canister, filled with chemicals labeled TCRI, that also fell down the sewer with the turtles. While her brothers traveled one way, towards a rat who was also beginning mutation and would become her leader, she traveled another way, missed by the rat.
An onmyoji, Miyamoto Ayumu, better known as Master Specter, had a divination that told him to travel to New York and find a girl-turtle in Little Tokyo. He was unsure of what this vision meant, but chose to follow his vision to New York. There he asked the locals if they knew of any girl-turtle, and eventually came upon a rumor of a humanoid turtle who roamed the sewers under Little Tokyo. He ventured down the sewers to find this girl turtle, when he was attacked by a horde of bats. He summoned a shikigami, a turtle spirit, to cover him under a shell to protect him from the bats. It was then, in this turtle like form, that the girl-turtle found him. He brought her out from under the sewers, but out of fear and over stimulation she ran wild, bumping into a statue of a woman and breaking the statues arms. For this reason, he named her Venus de Milo.
He took her back to Tokyo with him, unsure of what to do, and so he divined once again to learn what he was to do with Venus. The vision led him to a psychic link with the rat known as Master Splinter, where the two developed a report. It was decided that Master Splinter would raise the boys as ninja like himself, while Master Specter would raise Venus as an onmyoji like himself. The two also decided not to tell the turtles of the others existence, so that they would each do their duties in their own home countries without conflict.
Master Specter had a large mirror in his room, which he would stare into and meditate often. He never told Venus why this mirror was so important, only that she should never meditate in front of it herself.
Now Venus was a disciplined student and always followed her masters orders, but one day she had a divination, and in it a dragon told her to meditate in front of the mirror. She was not sure what to do, because Master Specter always told her to follow her divinations, yet he also told her never to meditate in front of the mirror. Not knowing what to do, she confronted Master Specter. He, quite alarmed, told her not to follow this divination, that it was a false message sent to her by an evil power, and, to her surprise, he also said that she had completed her training. He told her of her brothers in New York and of Master Splinter, and ordered her to leave him to live with her brothers, and to never return or attempt to communicate with him again.
She now finds herself in New York, using her divinations to help her find her brothers.
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NAME: Scott Charles
HOME: New York City
AGE: 19
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Green
RACE: Caucasian
CLOTHES: Football jersies, breakaway pants, cool sneakers
Boxers of briefs; Boxers
Swimwear; Speedos
PERSONALITY: Cool, but very shy at first, athletic, musical
VEHICLE: Convertible
MUSICAL ABILITIES: Sings, plays acoustic & electric guitar
ATHLETIC ABILITIES: Football, Swimming, Bodybuilding

Scott was part of his high school jazz band where he made friends with Kenan (Tenor sax/drums). Very shy, Scott only talked when he felt like it. Scott also played football as a running back.

After high school, Scott & Kenan worked as studio musicians at Tortuga Records. They (along with a drummer & bass player) were hired to play back-up for Leo, who played the vibes.

Scott overcame his silence after meeting Ex-Cel Dude at a jam in Central Park.

When Leo got a gig @ a snazzy jazz club, the owner didn't like guitars at all. So Leo had to choose between loyalty or a cool gig, he fired Scott from the band.

Scott went over to Salazar Srudio & asked Ex-Cel for a job. The blue superhero lets him be his side guitarist for Ex-Cel Band. He & Mallory are the only non superhero members of the band.

In the band, Scott mostly plays acoustic guitar. The only times he can play electric is if Ex-Cel's playing the vibes, or when they both do a jazz jam, or when they sing rock music.

Scott's looking for the right girl. He did find one during the tour at Miami Beach. Her name is Heather.

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NAME: Mallory Banks Salazar
GENDER: Female
HOME: Albany, New York
AGE: 20
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Hazel
RACE: Caucasian
HUSBAND: Josh (Ex-Cel Dude) Salazar
KIDS: Greg & Maureen (twins)
SIBLINGS: Malcolm (brother)
PERSONALITY: Very outgoing
TYPE OF MUSIC PLAYED: Clasical, jazz, rock
MUSICAL ABILITIES: Plays tenor sax and lite percussion (maracas, tambourine, etc.)

Raised in a musical family, Mallory's dad is a conductor while her brother Malcolm plays the drums. Mallory took up music when she was 12, playing clarinet in school band. Years later, she'd switch to tenor sax to play in marching band & jazz band.

While heading to Camp Jazz, Mallory's car broke down. She found a farm & discovered that there's a wedding reception going on. There she saw (& fell in love with) Ex-Cel Dude playing guitar in a band. After their gig, she invites Ex-Cel and band to attend the musical summer camp.

Mallory & Malcolm served as counselors & teachers for Camp Jazz. When Malcolm found out about having superheroes in the camp, he was jealous & shocked that his sister liked a superhero. He did everything to break that relationship up.

When attending an AJ Twitty concert @ a club, she saw Josh Salazar there. Josh wanted Mallory in the band, only to save it from being dissolved from the Justice Force walking out (except Turtle Titan).

Mallory & Josh's relationship go great together, both as musicians & their private lives. They later married, moved to Santa Barbara with twins.

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Species:Mutant turtle(ninja turtle)
house:an abandoned/broken sewer.
weapons:spiked staff.
personallty:Rish often fights those who he hates,or if he dosen't know who they are.Rish has no alience,but he would probably join the shredder if he had the chance.
fighting style:If hes fighting someone who he wants dead,he'll useally just push the spiked staff into the opponent's Flesh,or throw it at them.
eyes:glowing red
weapon picture:

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[deleted by author]

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First name: Amy
Last name: [Unavailable]
Nickname: Bluestreak
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 5'6
Build: small
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Long hair that is down to the middle of her back in length. Her hair color is black, with a few strands colored blue on the left side. Because of the blue streak in her hair, she has the nickname bluestreak.
Clothes: She usually wears bluejeans with a t-shirt or a tank top.
Fighting Skills and Weapons: She has limited hand to hand fighting skills and sometimes uses knives and guns. Her preference is to show the weapons, but not actually use them.

Personality and History: Amy is a troubled youth. She joined the Purple Dragons at the age of 14, and the leaders usually sent her on theft missions. Although she is not really a mean person, she is far from a good person and outside of the law. As a member of the Purple Dragons, she has her own strange moral code. She thinks of herself as a nice individual, mostly. At times she is shy and nervous. Recently, Amy questioned her membership as a Purple Dragon, but she has yet to express these feelings to anyone else. Will she leave the Purple Dragons? Only time will tell.
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Name: Stella

Age: 12

Nickname(s): Stellar Cat, Stelly.

Race: Mutant cat

Eye color: Purple

Wardrobe: Purple t-shirt, blue cut-offs, green collar w/yellow tag

Special talent: Excellent nocturnal vision, can jump as high as seven ft.

Weapon of choice: Claws, teeth.

Height: When on all fours, 2'4", when standing upright, 4'1".

Weight: 87 lbs.

Hair color/style: No distinct hair, just gray fur on her head.

Likes: Pizza, playing, kicking butt, cuddling, sleeping. Dislikes: spiders, Shredder, being ignored.

Best friend(s): Phoebe, Luna and Blazer.

Personality: Loving, playful, cool, brave, friendly, yet irritable and envious.

Weakness: She gets irritable and scratchy when something isn't going her way, she also gets jealous easily.

Home: New York City, in Turtles Lair.

Origin story: She was one of 5 kittens up for adoption, her 3 brothers & 1 sister were taken to good homes while she was taken by a mysterious dude and brought to a secret lair. After being exposed to mutagen, the cat, a pig, a Dalmatian & an alligator escaped and ended up on the streets. 2 days later when they became mutants, the TMNT found them in the sewers and adopted the cat whom named herself Stella while the pig (Phoebe) & dog (Blazer) found homes for themselves and the alligator (Luna) decided to live by herself in the sewers. Soon enough do the foursome become the Fellowship of Mutants and find several other mutants.


Name: Pheobe

Age: 12

Nickname(s): Pheebs, Pheeb

Race: Mutant pig

Eye color: Brown

Wardrobe: White t-shirt w/dark green celery, blue jeans, purple collar w/gold tag.

Special talent: She has an incredible sense of smell (20 times more powerful than a normal pig), her headbutt is powerful enough to bust down a brick wall.

Weapon of choice: Hooves, headbutt.

Height: When on all fours, 2'4", when standing upright, 4'1"

Weight: 84 lbs.

Hair color/style: No distinct hair.

Likes: Reading, video games, TV. Dislikes: Dirty stuff, bugs, anything with more than four legs (except ladybugs), bad smells.

Best friend(s): Stella, Luna and Blazer.

Personality: Smart, picky, good-hearted, playful, tidy, cleanly.

Weakness: She gets claustrophobic when overwhelmed.

Home: New York City with teen named Rebecca who lived in an apartment above a bookstore, later in TMNT Lair when her owner left for collage.

Origin story: She was a regular piglet on a farm, until one day she was stolen by a thief and brought to a secret lair. After being exposed to mutagen, the pig, a cat, a Dalmatian & an alligator escaped and ended up on the streets. 2 days later when they became mutants, the TMNT found them in the sewers and adopted the cat whom named herself Stella while the pig (Phoebe) & dog (Blazer) found homes for themselves and the alligator (Luna) decided to live by herself in the sewers. Soon enough do the foursome become the Fellowship of Mutants and find several other mutants. Later on, when Phoebe's owner left for college and moved into a dorm, Phoebe moved into the TMNT lair.


Name: Luna

Age: 12

Nickname(s): Loons, Loon, Lulu (which she despises), Moon-gator, Gator-gal.

Race: Mutant alligator

Eye color: Light green

Wardrobe: Dark purple tank top, dark blue cut-offs.

Special talent: Incredible swimmer, can bite through steel as thick as three feet, whenever she loses a tooth, a new one grows in its place within 24 hours.

Weapon of choice: Teeth, claws.

Height: When on all fours 2'0", when standing upright 4'0".

Weight: 79 lbs.

Hair color/style: None

Likes: Video games, swimming, TV, weight-lifting. Dislikes: spiders, Shredder, being ignored, Blazer being a goof.

Best friend(s): Stella, Phoebe and Blazer.

Personality: Hotheaded, courageous, strong-willed, spunky, speaks in Australian accent, stubborn.

Weakness: She gets dangerous when provoked and when one of her friends are in danger or just being harassed.

Home: New York sewers.

Origin story: She was hatched in a reptile house in Sidney Australia, later on shipped to the Bronx zoo, 2 years after living there, she was stolen by a thief and brought to a secret lair. After being exposed to mutagen, the alligator, a cat, a Dalmatian & a pig escaped and ended up on the streets. 2 days later when they became mutants, the TMNT found them in the sewers and adopted the cat whom named herself Stella while the pig (Phoebe) & dog (Dotty) found homes for themselves and the alligator (Luna) decided to live by herself in the sewers. Soon enough do the foursome become the Fellowship of Mutants and find several other mutants.


Name: Blazer

Age: 12

Nickname(s): Blaze, Blaze-buddy, spotter, dog-boy

Race: Mutant Dalmatian

Eye color: Blue

Wardrobe: Magenta basketball jersey over red t-shirt, dark green shorts, blue collar w/yellow tag.

Special talent: Can dig holes of up to 20 ft., incredible sense of smell and hearing (20 times stronger than a normal dog).

Weapon of choice: Teeth, claws.

Height: Height: When on all fours 2'6", when standing upright 4'0".

Weight: 87 lbs.

Hair color/style: No distinct hair, just the white fur w/black spots on his head.

Likes: Video games, eating, partying, TV, putting out fires. Dislikes: Being called "Fido" (thinks it's too stereotypical), bad guys, animal control.

Best friend(s): Stella, Luna and Phoebe.

Personality: Goofy, fun, playful, naive, friendly, laid back, good sport, can be obnoxious.

Weakness: He's not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed and often does or says something not smart or tactful, he also has an unpredictable habit of chewing on his butt.

Home: With fire chief and family in a suburban neighborhood. Later, at the TMNT lair when owners moved to Texas.

Origin story: He was a stray Dalmatian puppy living on the streets, but one day he was caught, not by animal control or the humane society, but some mysterious-looking guys and brought to a secret lair. After being exposed to mutagen, the dog, a cat, an alligator & a pig escaped and ended up on the streets. 2 days later when they became mutants, the TMNT found them in the sewers and adopted the cat whom named herself Stella while the pig (Phoebe) &
dog (Blazer) found homes for themselves and the alligator (Luna) decided to live by herself in the sewers. Soon enough do the foursome become the Fellowship of Mutants and find several other mutants. Later on, Blazer's owners moved to Texas and couldn't bring him, so he moves into the TMNT lair. Though, he still hangs out at the firehouse with his former-owner's co-workers and his fellow Dalmatian buddy Sparky.
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Hello there! If possible. I'd like to join. I love to RolePlay!

First Name: Joshua
Last Name: Not Known
Nickname: Josh or Joshy Josh
Gender: Male
Birthday: April 16, 1992
Species: Human
Appearance: Joshua has fair white skin, black spiky hair, blue eyes, is 5'5.
Clothes: Joshua's clothes are dark blue pants, black and white shoes and black and white socks, a light blue shirt and white t-shirt.
Personality: Joshua is a kind and caring person. Always willing to help anyone who asks for it. Joshua hardly ever gets mad, except when someone asks him about his ex-girlfriend, Jen. Joshua is also looking for a girlfriend who will accept and care for who he is. As well as to find his true parents. He knows they're out there somewhere and will find them.
History: Joshua's history is not a happy one. He lost his adopted parents and has no idea who his real parents are. Plus his ex-girlfriend Jen dumped and betrayed him. Causing his heart to shatter in pieces and saddened him greatly. Joshua did a little checking and narrowed his search for his real family. To his surprise, they are somewhere in New York City! Joshua's adopted parents were struck down by the Foot for some information that they didn't get. His adopted parents had feared the Foot would try to use Joshua to help them.

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Name: Cassandra Elizabeth Sawyer
Age/DOB: 17/October 17th
Species: Mutant grey squirrel (previously human)
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 136 lbs.
Hair Color: Dark grey
Eye Color: Blue
Clothing: Brown leather jacket, purple t-shirt, blue jeans, and a thin chain necklace with a silver cross and a dogtag on it
Main Weapons: Bullwhip (or chain whip), survival knife, and weighted knuckle gloves
Adventuring Gear: Lockpick and tension bar (x4), armor vest

Skills/Abilities: Computer usage, basic electronics, escaping traps and bondage, picking locks, basic mechanic knowledge, basic first aid, climbing, sneaking, and driving cars
Talents: Cooking, dancing
Animal Psionics: Sixth sense and telepathy
Weapon Proficiencies: Unarmed brawling, knives, and flexible weapons (i.e. whips, chains, etc)

Biography: Originally born an orphan, Cassandra had attained the nickname "Squirrel Girl" from her love of urban critters -- most often, squirrels. What's more, she seemed to always attract them, even speaking with them from time to time as if she could understand them. She wasn't necessarily hated or overly bullied, but many kids still kept their distance due to her perceived 'weirdness'.

If only to further cement her quasi-pariah state at the orphanage, when her emotions spiked, weird things would happen-- an eerie whistling noise from nowhere, an object moving out of place, a spike or drop in room temperature. Regardless, she at least had a few friends, as well as the small animals she would meet at the nearby park.

At about the age of 15, Cassandra already had plans to join the military when she was old enough. Little did she know, however, that the military itself would seek her out at her orphanage. Apparently, Cassandra had some kind of power that the government was looking to utilize -- psionic powers. Agreeing to go off on a month-long study for the government, Cassandra found herself undergoing various unusual tests to try and tap into her latent psychic abilities at a military base.

During the experimentation, however, things went awry. As part of the testing, she was given a regimen of a mutagen to try and enhance her mind's resilience to trauma and to strengthen her brain's various processes. Allowed outside during the time between testing, the only animals near the military base were squirrels (and the occasional raccoon going through the dumpster). Due to the unstable properties of the mutagen, Cassandra's contact with squirrels eventually caused her to develop more and more traits like them, until finally she transformed completely into a human-squirrel hybrid. Because of the instability of the mutagen, its unexpected side-effects couldn't be reversed without harming Cassandra. At the least, Cassandra's alacrity and agility had increased from the mutations, as well as her psychic powers.

With the end of the testing, Cassandra returned to her normal life a freak of nature to many, but regardless, Cassandra hadn't been fazed as badly as she'd first thought by the experience. At the base, another teenaged girl as well as a teen boy from Cassie's school were also studied; the three became quick friends during their time together. The other girl, one Shanna Scott, and the boy, one Alex Anderson, had also been subjected to the mutagen. Shanna, due to a run-in with the aforementioned raccoons one night (leading to her being scratched and bitten by it) caused her to become a hybrid of one; Alex, however, was immediately quarantined to prevent his own mutation.

Currently 17, Cassandra meets with Shanna and Alex when she's able, the three best friends using their enhanced abilities to help keep their neighborhood safe.
(Combat stats were done by-the-book using a pdf of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness; stats are assumed that the character is Level 2)

-Intelligence Quotient: 12
-Mental Endurance: 16
-Mental Affinity: 11
-Physical Strength: 10
-Physical Prowess: 16
-Physical Endurance: 13
-Physical Beauty: 9
-Speed: 15

Combat Skills (1st value= unarmed, 2nd= with chains, 3rd= with knives):
-Strike: +0 / +1 / +2
-Parry: +0 / +0 / +2
-Dodge: +2
-Throw: +0
-Entangle: +0
-Damage: +0
-Roll with Punch/Fall: +2
-Pull Punch: +0
-Body Block/Tackle: +0
-Knock Out/Stun: N/A
-Critical Strike: roll of 20
-Death Blow: N/A

Other skills:
-Scholastic Bonus (one time bonus to all skills): 0% (based on Intelligence Quotient)
-Save vs. Hypnosis/Mental Attacks/Psionics: +1 (based on Mental Endurance)
-Invoke Trust/Intimidation: 0% (based on Mental Affinity)
-Save vs. Coma/Death/Toxins: +0% (based on Physical Endurance)
-Charm/Impress: 0% (based on Physical Beauty)

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First Name: Jennifer
Last Name: Lucca
Nickname: Jen
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Birthday: April 19, 1993
Appearance: Jen has dark black hair, brown eyes, white skin
Clothes: Jen wears black shoes, black socks, black pants, black shirt
Personality: Jen is a very mean girl to everyone, of course more to Joshua, being his ex-girlfriend and all.
History: Jen and Joshua go way back. At first they were boyfriend and girlfriend. They looked out for each other. Until that day when Jen dumped and betrayed Joshua. She refers to Joshua as Joshy Josh. Jen is also a member of the Foot Clan. And she works for Shredder. Jen and Karai are very much like sisters to each other. Jen wants to prove herself worthy to be a member of the Foot Clan.

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Name: Ryuhei Kitamura.

Human/Monkey mutant hybrid.

Gender: Male.

Age: 25.

Height: 6'1”

Skin: Light tan.


Black. Styled into a slicked back pompadour.

Overall Appearance: Ryuhei is a gangly man with over-sized hands and feet. His knuckles are a little bit hairy, as some customers like to point out when he hands them their bags. He keeps his face clean-shaven, save for his sideburns. His mouth is curved at sides, giving him a permanent devious smile even when he isn't smiling. His nose is normal, but his ears are a little bit over-sized and his teeth are like that of a monkey's except much cleaner. He can easily pass for a human.

Clothes: Wears a blue blazer, black dress shirt, black khaki pants, and a pair of special shoes tailored specifically to his feet.

Weapons and Fighting Skills: Ryuhei is very strong and flexible due to being genetically tampered with. He also has quite a nasty bite, not that he usually bites people or anything.

Personality: Goofy and a little bit of a womanizer (at least he tries to be anyway.) Ryuhei is very immature for his age. He doesn't tend to take a lot of things seriously on the surface, but underneath that veneer is somebody who is very cunning. He doesn't care for violence, but will use it if necessary.

History: Ryuhei's past is a murky one. He was born a perfectly normal person in Tokyo, Japan, albeit with a taste for thievery. He got in a particularly bad situation when he was about seventeen. He was robbing the house of a wealthy man, when the intended victim attacked him. In the scuffle, he accidentally pulled his gun and shot the man dead. Panicking and unsure of what to do, he did not say no when two strange men in suits appeared and offer him an ultimatum. “Go to prison and be sentenced to death” or “Come with us.” The latter sounded pretty good at the time.

However, by accepting their offer, he signed himself up to be genetically and surgically altered. In this case, they thought it'd be funny to combine his DNA with a monkey's since he already kind of looked like one. It enhanced his strength and made him even more flexible. Which, of course, made it easier to escape some seventh months after he arrived. In the entire duration of his stay, he never found out the name of the organization or why they were conducting genetic experiments on humans.

Eight years later, he is now twenty-five. He has learned how to speak English and now resides in NYC. He has gotten a slightly more honest job as the clerk at a small grocer. It's not thrilling, but it pays and doesn't draw too much attention. He hasn't seen those strange two men in years, but can't shake the feeling that they're out there looking for him.
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If anyone would like I can try make profiles fit with the revised edition of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness too.
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That's a little hard to do with Greysight, she's more of a 'after the bomb/Heroes unlimited' type charcter
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Name: Evil Joshua
Last Name: Not Known
Nick Name: Josh or Dark Josh
Gender: Male
Birthdate: April 16, 1992
Appearance: Evil Joshua has white skin, black hair, pitched dark eyes, is 5'5.
Clothes: Evil Joshua's clothes consider of black shoes, black pants, black shirt.
Personality: Evil Joshua is the exact opposite of Joshua. Since Joshua is a kind person, Evil Joshua is just as nasty, He is Joshua's equal match in every sense of the word.
History: Evil Joshua has been around as long as Joshua has been. The two of them have a rivalry that has never ended. Since Joshua can't stand Jen, Evil Joshua can stand Jen. He works along side Jen, Karai, the Foot and Shredder. The interesting thing about Evil Joshua is if he gets hit or injured so dose Joshua in return.
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Guitar Raph's Mikey Profile

Name: Michaelangelo
Aliases: Turtle Titan
Age: 18
Sex: M
Weight: 181
Height: 5.5
Family: Splinter, Raph, Don, Leo, April, Casey
Best Friend; Josh (Ex-Cel Dude) Salazar
Marital: Married (to his LA counterpart, Mickey)

Physical Description: I'm a turtle..lookit the picture.

Personality: A fun loving Turtle, he likes to joke around. He likes video games, tv, skateboarding & music.

Daily he wears clothing. He sports his Turtle Titan costume when fighting crime or playing in the band. Sports the orange Speedos when swimming, an orange tux for formal wear.

Skills: Clobbering bad guys (as Turtle Titan).

Vehicles; Combat Cruiser & ninja motorcycle,

Hobbies: Video games, comic books, skateboarding, pumpin iron.

Instruments played; Drums, tympani, guitar, organ, vibes

A few comments from Mikey

I started playing the drums, beginning with a snare drum. I drove Raph crazy playing buzzrolls while he pumped iron. My brothers got me a drum set for my birthday. Years later, I saw this stage show called Blast & they had a muscular tympani player who played a powerful solo & drumroll! Man was he cool! April got me a pair of tympanis for Christmas.

Coming from the movies on the subway, I saw this superhero playing electric guitar @ the statiion. He's awesome & found out he's Ex-Cel Teen. When I saved him (as Turtle Titan) from the Foot, he repaid me with a jam session. We jammed in my bedroom & we connected, though I had to appreciate jazz with use of the brushes. We worked hard, getting a band together & finally got signed by Tortuga Records. Ex-Cel & I are super friends, we even sing. We also battle each other on tympani as well.

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Name: Droseria
First name: Korale
Age: 18 old years
Nationality: English
Gender: Girl

Temperament: She gets angry easily. She has a strong temperament this character is quite reserved and mysterious. She leads the group with prestence. She love Shredder

Physical : She has yellow eyes and red hair with black locks (like tigers)

Powers: She turns into a weretiger when gets angry or the night.

Story: His mother was on a touring to Japan she had a flirting with Hamato Yoshi then left without knowing she was pregnant. Korale has grown into a prestigious school in England and was known Lucile her friends, Linda and Ombreline there. During a horse riding with her school the girls are lost and were attacked by a wild animal. This animal had claws on its mutagenic caused by a product that was falling into the river. Since they become strangely ...

They heard rumors of mutants in america and are left there hoping to find an answer to their problems.

Koraline course do not know his father is a rat mutant in America.

Name: Deschamps
First name: Lucile
Age: 18 old years
Nationality: French
Gender: Girl

Temperament: Nice and shy

Physical : Blonde with blue eyes

Powers: She turns into a werebunny when gets sad or scary or the night.


Just a French student who came to study in England. The rest is the same story as Koraline

Name: Nightstone
First name: Linda
Age: 18 old years
Nationality: English
Gender: Girl

Temperament: distant and bitter. she loves solitude

Physical : silver hair and red eyes

Powers: She turns into a werewolf when gets angry or the night.

She grew up in an orphanage. She became friends with the other girls because they are the only ones who respect her.

Name: Crowstone
First name: Ombreline
Age: 18 old years
Nationality: English

Temperament: she is intelligent and calm
Gender: Girl

Physical : Black hairs and red eyes

Powers: She turns into a werebat when gets angry or the night.

Story: She is the childhood friend of Koraline
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