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Like, stupid rich.
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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
Meh! He puts a world-class scholarly level of thought, research and symmetry into every single thing he writes. If something is going over your head or seems boring/stale, it's probably because he's digging up something obscure from the 50s-80s and weaving it into the narrative that you either don't know about or have no interest in. He studies all of the great writers and is always honing his craft.
This is the most common defence I hear when I bring up Morrison. To which I say, being referential doesn't make you a great storyteller, it just shows you've done your homework. As I've said before in another thread, I find it baffling how so many writers get eye rolls and groans when they try the same thing but when Godly Grant does it it's considered groundbreaking

I had an interest to check out The Invisibles but after reading a decent amount of his work, I just... nah. Hard pass.

Just a difference of opinion I guess.
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