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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
I've never thrown as many quarters as I have with Super Contra, the arcade version. As a kid I must have blown like $30 in quarters, and still got barely anywhere.

I need to get that on MAME or something and have a redemption.
There's a pretty good Contra game for the original DS called Contra 4. If you have a DS then I recommend you to try it.

Originally Posted by neatoman View Post
You dare bring such opinions to my attention?!
Nah but seriously, I find the original two Zelda games too cryptic to play, same with the first two Metroids. I'm under the opinion that neither series got good until the Snes games. If I'd had to pick the worst games in both series, and the problems can't be excused on being the clunky baby steps of the franchise, then I'd go with Spirit Tracks and Hunters.

Though I must admit I would have loved Wind Waker, if it wasn't for the fact that you have to travel across an empty ocean for most of it.
No need for spoiler. You didn't spoil anything

Well, the first Zelda game is a bit too cryptic at times, indeed. Also can be frustratingly difficult at times as well. I'd not call it a bad game, though. But I'd not recommend it in 2019 to someone who wants to get into the series I just recommend them to jump straight to A Link to the Past.

Haven't played Spirit Tracks. A quick google tells me it got very good reviews in general. But is it a more polarising Zelda game among fans than most?

And like I've said, I didn't like Wind Waker much compared to other games of the series.

Ever played Link's Awakening? been playing the DX version and I like it a lot. It's not as great as ALttP but definitely a pretty underrated Game Boy game. Hopefully the remake will be great. I also still have the Oracles to play left. Both seem very well liked by Zelda fans.

As for Metroid... well, I got Super Metroid on the 3DS VC and played some of it, but tbh I didn't care much about it. Sure, good enough game, but I kept thinking "is this all that the so-called greatest SNES game of all time really is?!". Maybe the game picks up near the end or something? And I got Metroid Prime for the GC when I was like 16 and didn't get very far in it or remember liking it much, so I gave it to my older brother eventually. I'd like to give it another shot one day, but I dunno, Metroid seems to not really click with me for some reason...
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