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Originally Posted by ChosenOne View Post
Not a mutant.
Well, I stand corrected. I've been rereading the entire series in preparation of 100 and reread Karai's Path a week or so ago. And I see that Ocho is a Yokai who, thanks to Kitsune, is stuck in appearance as a mole-like scratch Ocho from the list

Maybe Ocho is IDWs version of that mole from the Archie comics
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No-prizing this, because I think the "everyone's reincarnated" explanation opens more cans of worms than is a good idea.

Null-brand "Products": Some sort of advanced training regimen partially implanted subconsciously. They can't force a personality or obedience (yet), but they've had success implanting some "skills".

Foot Clan mutants: Kitsune used magic to give the mutants skills copied from existing Foot clan members, and may have shown someone else how to do it.

Everyone else: the mutagen brings things they observed as animals into sharp relief, so Herman and Mondo's old owners watching lots of war movies/skating videos translates into skills, especially with the extremely hardy bodies they've got now.

I mean, the Foot wanted ninjas and Null wanted combat aces and pilots. If it was just reincarnation then, what, the universe just goes "oh hey, you want a ninja? Have a ninja's soul, sure, no problem, I'll give you exactly what you're asking for. On the house"?

Reincarnation is a dicey thing to bring into the mix to begin with, but throwing in that EXACTLY the right soul gets plucked for whatever the mutator wants? That seems to be pushing things way more.
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