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Resealable Bags (Comics, Vinyl, Cards) SUCK

So I've had a variety of experiences with a variety of resealable bag products - and most of those experiences are not great. When the bags work, they are nice - no tape, nice seal, etc. But the problem I commonly experience with resealable bags is the poor placement of the adhesive strip during the manufacturing process. I cannot tell you how many times - whether it was resealable CGC bags, comic bags or vinyl record bags - I have bought a package of these things and the damn adhesive strip is so high on the back of the bag that the moisture flap adheres to the strip rather than to the actual large flap.

Most recently I spent almost 90 bucks (seriously, 90 bucks) on a bunch of record jacket sleeves from a manufacturer called Vinyl Storage Solutions. My initial order was for 125 bags - all of which were poorly manufactured and will only seal on the small moisture flap rather than the large flap (the one that you would normally put tape on if it were a comic bag). So the product designer nicely sends me replacements, and notes that he tested a few himself to make sure that the adhesive strip on the replacements is "within the tolerance range". But then I receive the replacement sleeves and they are all the same - the moisture flap adheres to the sticky strip, but the actual cover flap won't because the moisture flap is in the way. On all 150 bags that the guy has now sent me. His solution now is for me to send them back to him for a refund, and he explains that he has sent out thousands of bags without a problem. So he's politely telling me that the problem must be me and that I might be better served with a tuckable flap.

But how are you going to tell me this when these adhesive strips are clearly placed too high on the back of the bag? How are you going to tell me this when 300 examples of your resealable bag don't seal in the first place? How is anyone going to talk about engineering tolerances on a product like this, when all common sense simply says to put the adhesive strip so low on the back of the bag that it simply isn't possible for the quarter inch moisture flap to make contact?

Am I wrong? How can there even be an opinion about this? A resealable bag that doesn't seal because the adhesive was place so high that it contacts the moisture flap therefore preventing contact with the bag flap? I've run into this with CGC bags in the past (wound up using tape, completely wasting the money I spent on a "resealable bag") and other regular record bags where the manufacturer sent me replacements that actually worked (from Sound Sleeves).

To help illustrate what I am saying I've actually scoped some pix below. This is ridiculous that I have to do this for something so easily comprehensible. Talking about measurement tolerances, as if this is academic or user error when it's pretty simple that resealable bags need to have the adhesive strip placed nowhere near the moisture flap.

Poorly Manufactured Resealable Bag Image

Properly Manufactured Resealable Bag Image

Looking for serious replies or experiences with this ********. I'm willing to be wrong here because I don't understand how I've run into poorly manufactured product like this several times across several different kinds of bags - comics, CGC's, and now vinyl bags.
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I use the "mylar" bags. They are a slight step up from what you typically get when buying a new issue at a comic book shop. A little thicker and glossier, but nothing too special.

I also worry about them being damaged, so I've just been looking into a better form of storage, outside of the mylar, to ease my mind. I'm getting rid of my long box and going for something a little more protected.
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