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tactical blackquill
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So I guess I'm still around

I'm not good at posting new threads any more sorry, I wasn't originally going to post one but I saw that there weren't exactly a lot of things going on in the intro section so it would probably be fine

Not sure how long I've been gone as my departure wasn't exactly planned but once I decided on it I stuck to it for a long while since I was distancing myself from a lot of places in general anyway

What did I miss, what has the Drome drama been like, I want the deets, the Drome Digest. Those can be PMed if necessary haha. Any newbies I should know about? Anybody been banned ooooohh?

As for me, I'm turning 26 in a couple weeks, my dog is turning 12 tomorrow, my family moved [idk if I left before or after the move, wow], the house is amazing but the location is god awful, and I got stung by a scorpion a few weeks ago lmao that sure was a thing that happened

Still the 2k12 hate machine, still prioritising RP over other social interactions, that's me if you didn't know me already.
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