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Originally Posted by GoldMutant View Post
As said before, it's great to see you back Net. Damn though, a scorpion bite? How did that happen?
Oh, the ONE time I wasn't watching where I was going, I stepped on it and it stung the sole of my foot as I was putting my foot down. I could feel it before it landed, basically, and it made a big red spot on my foot for a few hours. The pain itself didn't last but maybe five minutes before fading, though, so all in all it wasn't that bad.

Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
I've owned and handled a lot of scorpions. Never been stung. I'm told it's painful but only about the equivalent of 2 bee stings in 1.
Yeah, as a general rule, arachnids don't WANT to harm you. This one just had no other choice obviously because I am a clumsy idiot lmao
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Glad your ok man.
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Glad to know you're ok

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Originally Posted by Netkeeper View Post
I'm not good at posting new threads any more sorry, I wasn't originally going to post one but I saw that there weren't exactly a lot of things going on in the intro section so it would probably be fine

Not sure how long I've been gone as my departure wasn't exactly planned but once I decided on it I stuck to it for a long while since I was distancing myself from a lot of places in general anyway

What did I miss, what has the Drome drama been like, I want the deets, the Drome Digest. Those can be PMed if necessary haha. Any newbies I should know about? Anybody been banned ooooohh?

As for me, I'm turning 26 in a couple weeks, my dog is turning 12 tomorrow, my family moved [idk if I left before or after the move, wow], the house is amazing but the location is god awful, and I got stung by a scorpion a few weeks ago lmao that sure was a thing that happened

Still the 2k12 hate machine, still prioritising RP over other social interactions, that's me if you didn't know me already.

Isn't it weird how you miss the drama?

it's like modern day house wives gossiping over coffee on the people in the neighborhood. I took a few year break from this place myself for a while, but eventually i wound my way back into the fold .

I also got banned from my first forum ever recently the other day, because trouble makers refused to grow up and leave me alone. the mods only had a problem with it because i fought back, including at the in attentive mods . apparently, blame the victim getting harassed is that forums way.

ahh, the drama of the internet. what would we do without it?
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