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Originally Posted by Utrommaniac View Post
What I mean to say is, what happened to Ch'rell in his history that made him hate his own kind enough to become a criminal? Karai seemed to be told he was their "victim" his "entire life", so I assume that means it developed when he was a child.
Never explained, it could be that he felt poorly treated in his youth?

Here's one explaination if we're just gonna make something up. Hundreds of years ago, the Pink Utroms went the land of the Red Utroms to purchase slaves for a colonisation project. For about 100 years or so, Red Utroms were raised in slavery on that colony until a civil war put a stop to that (it's said the winning leader went to earth to fight a similar war later on). While outright slavery was banned, several unfair laws lead to Red Utroms living in poverty long after they had been lifted. This perpetual state of poverty lead to criminal activity amongst many young Red Utroms, forming gangs like the Kr'eeps and the Ooze. Ch'rell, being one of them, often ended in prison and confused his sentances for bigotry against Red Utroms, thus he believed the system openly conspired against his kind.

That or he's just evil and will say anything to seem sympathetic.
Originally Posted by JTH View Post
Turtles is basically the red-headed stepchild of Nick.
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Spike Spiegel
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In my imaginary headcanon, I always imagined he might have been experimented on or something, and when they lost control of him, he went nuts...

Originally Posted by Cryomancer View Post
Mirage [is]...a comic about life and how life and the people closest to you just absolutely suck sometimes. It's "adult" in a very real sense, in that it deals with heavy themes that resonate more with adults, not that it's full of blood and titties or whatever.
Originally Posted by d_osborn View Post
[TMNT 1990 director Steve] Barron recognized the early Mirage issues as perfect storyboards. It's a shame no other filmmaker has.
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Enter The Foot
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The TMNT 2K3 series universe seems like it can really dig deep

Some other questions I wonder would be the following...

How are the Elite Guard chosen? How often are they changed? Because Yoshi engaging the Elite Guard in the 1960s and the Turtles fighting them in 2003 at Aprils. That is Forty year gap. Making them at the very most 60 ish. Of course they most likely aren't the same. Unless?

Do you honestly think Khan was one of the Elite Guards?
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