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Wonder why Helga throws her locket into the river? That can't be good, I hope he doesn't reject her in that scene and it just gets interrupted
Something clearly does happen to set Helga off, Arnold is heard to say in the trailer "I didn't want to hurt you", which, though I can't say for certain, is probably where he is trying to clear the air with Helga when coming clean about being in love with her. That's just my hunch anyway

The parts with the locket obviously occurs mid-way through the movie just as everything starts going to hell and the pirates catch up with them. There are scenes in the trailer where Arnold saves Helga from being struck by a dart and the two are swept down a waterfall together, presumably at some point in this escapade together they're able to override the existing tension and probably come together in the way we want

Originally Posted by ssjup81 View Post
I ship Arnold x Helga way more now than I ever did back then. If that isn't dealt with or resolved in this film, then Craig is a huge troll. He's said for years in TJM that Arnold would reciprocate her feelings. I couldn't see him changing that.
Craig said this movie would be full of romance and that if this leads to nothing afterwards, it will have the most closure we've ever had for the show to the point his desired sixth season would be a new beginning.

Craig wants Helga and Arnold to happen as badly as we all do, but he's also a story teller and he wants this film to be about characters revealing who they truly are out of their usual comfort zone. He's been saying TJM should not be just a fluff piece, but a key chapter in Arnold and Helga's growth as characters. Helga putting aside her childish obsession with Arnold probably has more to do with learning not to put him on too much of a pedastle so that when the time comes for Arnold to reciprocate, the two have come to a mature and equal footing with one another.

Craig also said he'd love to do more "Dark Arnold" episodes in the sixth season, so clearly he does have a set plan for more for Arnold/Helga.

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Olivia says that the movie resolves things, but there will be "no closure", as the intention is to do a follow-up season afterwards

Resolution without closure could mean anything, obviously if they're going back to sixth grade, that leaves the possibility that Arnold does not stay with his parents.

I just hope it isn't just that Helga lets her obsession go, but Arnold admits he loves her and they decide to stay friends for the time being and "take it slow", or some b.s, if they want to go to series afterwards, that's great, but you can have a series where the two are trying to make their first stab at a relationship work. Kim Possible had a whole final season about Kim and Ron together after the "So The Drama" movie

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Unless they're guaranteed to get a sixth season, then they shouldn't leave anything open. That'd be unfair to the fans...but if they are getting something, I would hope we'd finally get some form of the Patakis...but...I would want it to take place in the time that it should...not now. So like in 2004 or 2005 or whatever. Maybe that's what Craig is aiming for?

Anyway, back to the movie...I don't mind if Helga gets over her obsession of Arnold, but still be in love with him and remove him from the pedestal she does seem to have him on. I kinda wish they'd tone down on her obsession a bit to realize that there's more to her than just her love for know, that she has self worth. The whole thing with her having video footage of Arnold around town is the only thing that does bother me about this film so far...but it was used as a way to get them to San Lorenzo so I'm willing to overlook it despite its implausibility (like I said, a few of those shots would've been impossible for her to have gotten). That aside, it would totally bother and pain me if Arnold didn't return her feelings in some way when the show itself hinted that they'll end up together at some point.

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I read in an a recent interview that they said if things are good with the film they'll give us a sixth season and I honestly I'd be ok with that. They do have some loose ends to tie up but I hope they don't leave Helga X Arnold on a cliff hanger, I hated that idea with Kim and Ron from Kim Possible thankful that got a fourth season but it'd be like Jake X Rose from American Jake Long if it happens that way, man was that a rushed conclusion for that pairing and I was confused still how Rose got her memories back of her and Jake
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