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Originally Posted by pferreira View Post
Well I wouldn't say the self contained episodes were bad so what's the problem? The show never had an issue really with pacing bar maybe a couple of episodes and ok some stories were crazy but within those crazy stories they made sense.
... I have a problem with the pacing of the episodes, the show was constantly adding pointless scenes to fill out time. I have a problem a problem with the plots, as they are full of nonsensical turns. You might not have a problem with those issues, but I could easily point out what I think doesn't work.

Originally Posted by pferreira View Post
Now that sounds like a strawman argument. From what I understand the cartoon was only funded by PlayMates for the first season. Season 2 onwards was funded by Fred Wolf or his investors. Please feel free to correct me if this is incorrect info. I'm not saying the IDW comic book is trying to sell toys, I'm saying it's not different to the Fred Wolf cartoon in keeping the brand alive by making money. You're trying to separate a cartoon you don't like from something you love and it isn't working. I can understand why writers like Brynne Chandler get annoyed with fans who think they weren't making an effort when they were.
"Playmates only funded season 1" my ass, it smells like an insane amount of BS. If that was true, why the constant influx of of things from the toyline? Why make episodes featuring Wingnut, Screwloose, Mondo Gecko, The Mutagen Man, Muckman, Slash, Scumbug, that weird mutagen toilet and whatever else if they weren't required to do so? Why not edit the episodes properly? Why rush the animation?

I'm not trying to seperate the FW cartoon from TMNT, I'm pointing out that it doesn't make any sense to say it wasn't mainly a toy commercial. As for "not different to the Fred Wolf cartoon in keeping the brand alive by making money.", please don't make that kind of excuse. It doesn't change the awful animation or writing, making money is not an excuse for poor quality.

As for effort, dude, these kinds of show were notorious for demanding quantity over quality and I seriously doubt FW TMNT wasn any different. Here's a qoute from Donald F. Glut on Transformers, he worked on plenty of cartoon from that era.

Originally Posted by Donald F. Glut
No one, not even the story editors, looked at these scripts very carefully. I seem to remember the show being on a really tight schedule, and we had to crank these scripts out fast. I wrote some of them in a single day, first draft, and they went almost immediately to the storyboard artists after Bryce or an assistant gave them a rather cursory read. We were not trying to create art, just get them done fast, and get paid...

None of the writing on this series, in my opinion, was good or passionate or, sometimes (my own included, like The Autobot Run) even adequate. But we got paid well for writing them fast.... I was never a fan of any of the characters.

Again, not from a FW writer but from a collegue of the FW writers and it really shows what working on these sort of shows was like.
Originally Posted by JTH View Post
Turtles is basically the red-headed stepchild of Nick.
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