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SHFiguarts bootleg review

This is just a short review of the bootleg raph I just got in the mail. The box had already been opened and was creased. The figure itself isn't that bad considering it was only fifteen +shipping. Here is a side by side shot of my legit leo next to the bootleg.

It still has the die cast shins and feet and actually has a little more weight then the legit version. There's a noticeable metal bur sticking out from the toe joint. Other than that all the joints move nicely.

The bandanna, buckle, and pads are made from a cheaper plastic. All the alternate pieces fit perfectly except for the belt in the back which has a gap. The belt in front is also made of a slightly harder plastic. The pads, bandanna, and belt are molded in their respective colors and aren't painted.

Overall I would recommend it either for a custom or as a place holder til you can afford the original.
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