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Mutant Ninja Anole
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Dare I actually wade into this with any seriousness...

Mutagen has been shown to obliterate laws of physics and biology as we know it, so who knows, but it’s also possible that Hob, Null etc. may envision a future where new people are not born into natural families but primarily grown and designed in controlled mutations. Quite a few people (I’ll state for the record that I am very much NOT in this camp) imagine a future in which most or all babies are created in a lab with special genetic tinkering. Sex and reproduction would be mostly divorced in this future. In practice, Null in particular seems to be intent on creating a slave race to accomplish their goals. Hob...I’m honestly not sure how far ahead he’s actually thinking in terms of the logistics. Which honestly wouldn’t make him that different from a lot of violent revolutionary types but I won’t get into that.
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That's a very interesting and super creepy idea of the future. But at the same time an interesting future to be explored. There are several science fiction stories where heterosexuality isn't even a thing anymore because all reproduction happens through machines. Yeah I think thats pretty creepy.

On the other hand we still have the strange oversight of Null's mutants having free will and the ability to reason and question what they are told to do. Something that stands in stark contrast to what one would want out of a slave race. Especially a slave race with super powers. I think creating mutants that are conscious and self aware on a human level is more dangerous than weather or not they can breed.

I chatted about this with a friend of mine and he said: It's like the Ooze is a character creator than an actual substance that does something.
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@PizzaPower1985 If you think a possible romantic relationship with a sapient and humanoid being is zoophilia then I guess movies and shows like startrek and starwars/ any sci-fi media must be horrifying to you.

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It was what I was getting at. Obviously a future of forced mutations and cloning is not one worth striving for and is clearly one that ought to be prevented.
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