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The Great Saiyaman
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Let's post clips, which although old, show things kids these day DO recognize.

Well, seeing as how well my other thread was received, I figured I'd start a similar one but about the opposite.

It was fun talking about dial phones, photo cameras and answering machines, all of which are tech that kids these days aren't aware of on what it does and sometimes what it is.

But there are instances when an old song makes them go "Oh I see, it's about THAT!" and when they see how old the song is, they'll go "Did they already have that back then?"

For example: Influencers.
Influencers (The word itself sounds a lot like "Influenza" don't you guys agree?) are people who these days build up a large following online and base everything they do on the likes they get on social media. But they do so by pretending to have all the riches in the world and to know A-list celebrities. They also have been getting a really bad name for walking into into restaurants and clothing shops and demand that they can get produce for free in exchange for online likes for the said Restaurant or shop.

So even before the advent of internet, was there such a thing as Influencers and if so, were there any songs about those people?

Oh yes indeed. This clip is from 1988 and it describes the life of an Influencer to a T.

Note that there's a lot of Heavy Metal Royalty in this music video, as members of Slayer and Anthrax make cameos.

Even older, is this song by the British R&B group Five Star which back in 1985 was talking about people becoming addicted to their social media apparatus, take in mind, 15 years before that even was a thing...

The phrase "Keeping it real" is in these crazy days more relevant than ever. The band Pulp had a song about those filthy rich Personalities who try to pass themselves off as just normal human beings. Current day Youtube celebrities such as Jake Paul probably weren't even born when this song came out.

Feel free to add more.
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