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Originally Posted by Peter Laird
I have to say that whenever anyone does something like this, spending a whole lot of their time and effort for no recompense, I feel flattered that they care so much about something that I co-created over twenty-five year ago. It's a nice feeling.

The voices are very good and seem to fit the characters well.

Calling this a "motion comic" is being, I think, a bit over-generous. The only "motion" is the stately floating of captions and dialogue balloons over panels which sometimes zoom in or out. That's... well, it's kind of boring, especially because everything seems to move at the EXACT SAME SPEED. I wasn't expecting full-blown animation, but it would have been nice to see some other kind of motion -- for example, in the panel where Splinter is beginning to tell the origin story, in a side view of him sitting cross-legged, it might have been cool to make his head move slightly in a nodding fashion, and maybe his finger as well. Obviously, that would take a lot more time and effort, but if done cleverly, it could be worth it.

The use of sound effects throughout would, I think, be a good thing. It seems to me, though, that the only ones so far come in the flashback scene where the truck carrying the canister of ooze almost hits the blind man. Why is that?

There are some places where the borders of balloons are clipped in spots, obviously where they had to be "liberated" from the panels so they could move around. But it occurs to me that it shouldn't take a great deal of effort to fill in those clipped areas -- and i think it would look a lot better.

But the oddest and most disconcerting thing -- at least to me -- is the seemingly random changes made to the text. Here and there words and sometimes phrases are dropped out, and some are changed. Why? What's the point... especially when the text is floating by with different words than what is being spoken?

I do appreciate the work that went into this, and I commend those who participated.

-- Peter
Here ya go!

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