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Got a bunch of stuff over the last few days. First some stuff I got today at the flea market.

Got some LJN "WWF Superstars" figures to fix up for a good deal:

King Kong Bundy and S.D. Jones, in case I ever wanna re-enact their "classic" from the first WrestleMania. That match and This Figure add up to 100% of everything S.D. Jones is known or remembered for. Ah well.

Terry Funk, I didn't have yet so I needed him for sure. No hat or branding iron, but I'm sure I can find them online somewheres. Beefcake is gonna be a full repaint; I already have on in that outfit which I restored so I'm gonna give him a whole new outfit. Should be fun.

Here's the main thing I went in for today, the Hasbro-inspired Mattel "WWE Retro" series Diesel figure:

A little backstory here: This is a very in-demand figure specifically because Diesel never had a Hasbro figure back in the mid-90s, despite being very prominent while the line was still running. During the last two years the Hasbro series was out, he was Intercontinental, Tag Team, and eventually WWF World Champion, so he was one of the most-wanted characters by everyone collecting the Hasbro figures, but because of how production worked back in those days everything was way behind the actual TV product. Unfortunately, while he was scheduled to be included in the very next wave of figures that were supposed to come out, the line was abruptly cancelled before they could go into production, so he just barely missed the cut. So this was very possibly THE most-wanted figure for people when Mattel started doing these Hasbro-style figures. It's not an exact recreation of the designed-but-unreleased Hasbro figure - it's actually completely redesigned from what that figure would have looked like - but it's still a pretty good Diesel figure.

Finally, I have a second figure to add to my "collection" of Jazwares "AEW Unrivalled" figures, with the one and only Chris Jericho!

Really good Jericho figure! Good likeness, and the accessories really put it over. The Awesome Jacket, Dumb Hat and Ridiculous Scarf totally complete the look. He's another tough one to find, but then this whole series is pretty tough to find. Glad I finally found him.
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