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Originally Posted by newfan View Post
Yeah my children and I felt disappointed when we started season 6 too but we still watched it through.
Did you guys like season 5? I ask cause that was unpopular with some. I mean I wouldn't like the TMNT to be magical like that for the whole version but this was just an arc and the 'magic' came from somewhere else rather than they were just magic, I liked the arc.
Yes...we enjoyed season 5 enough. The mystic stuff is a little odd, but still it was an enjoyable season. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to say the same about Fast Forward though!!

One thing I did like about it was the fact that they introduced a "real" Shredder/Saki instead of him just being an utrom. I knew before watching the show that Shredder was an utrom (just by reading about the show over the years). I didn't however know that they eventually brought in a real Saki, so that was a nice surprise.

Hopefully, season 7 will be better than season 6. I know it still uses the uglier animation style, but I think having them back in their own time should be more enjoyable than the future stuff.
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