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I read the Sideways annual and it's not that much of a "farewell" to N52 Superman, it leaves the door open to him returning if someone chooses to use him. He'll just be crusading around the multiverse righting wrongs.

Originally Posted by MikeandRaph87 View Post
Also Jon is the biological son of Clark and Lois? Yet he is already like 10 year old.
Ok, I'm going to try to detail this as best I can...

Jon was born in the 2015 Convergence event, then he and the family spent ten years or so trapped on N52 Earth in secret, then came the mess where Mxy broke out of one of Manhattan and Jor-El's prisons and got angry at the Kents for abandoning him. He captured Jon and played a sick reality-bending game with the Kents which resulted in them merging with the N52 versions to rewrite all of reality. In that reality, Jon was born naturally on Earth and the Kents spent ten years together raising him.

What about Chris who was General Zod and Ursa's son adopted by Clark and Lois?
Chris' history with the Kents was wiped out.
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See, when they wiped out Matrix Supergirl, the explanation given was, "It takes far too long to explain her origin and it's far too complicated for a character who should be simple."

You could now literally apply that to everything they've done for the past several years. And people wonder why fewer people read comics, and particularly, DC comics.

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It reminds me on a smaller scale how Lucius Fox had a rebellious son named Timothy and a younger daughter Tanya. Now they dont exist and now he has a wannabe vigilante son Lucas and a daughter Tamara.

Commissioner Gordon had a son named Tony, a secret government agent who died then does not exist, but James Jr, a psychopath is in his place.

I suppose Chris and whatever the boy's name is who is now Zod's son is the latest example.
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