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Mad Scientist
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A massive iceberg just broke off from Antarctica.
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Victory Is Life
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Huh. Neat.
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Seems we'll get the flooded Earth Archie future one day.
Because the crossovers doing nothing else than messing up the timeline and other stuff of the 1987-1996 series, I've given up writing fanfiction about it. Instead, I'm trying to reboot the TMNT as many other fanfiction writers do:

Hopefully, stories will later appear at
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Team Blue Boy
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At least we're able to know about it these days and can try to avoid any wannabe Titanics.

I'd sure this is concerning though for those who have made careers studying and observing this stuff and maybe connecting it to global warming or whatnot. Is it, or isn't it... who knows. But one abnormally big (if that is the case) is concerning, I assume.

Though all this "iceberg the size of Delaware" stuff...

Meanwhile it's always been "Delaware? Delaware who?" Oh, but they notice an iceberg! Hmph. What people got against us... Even about the previous VP they couldn't shut up about Scranton, PA. No, that's okay, he's only called DE home for the past 64 years of his life; Scranton just the first 10.

We're on a peninsula, dammit, don't make us do like that iceberg and break off and float off into the ocean to get some notice. Don't make us threaten to take part of Maryland with us!

/faux outrage
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