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Leonardo is always a Don Quixote character. Hard to change that.
Because of continuity and timeline errors, I've given up writing fanfiction based on the 1987-1996 animated television series. Instead, I'm trying to reboot the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles story, something many other fanfiction writers already do:

Hopefully, stories will later appear at
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I would have had Mutagen Man be entirely responsible for the Mutant Apocalypse arc, rather than the Foot. He would also come back as Titanus and serve as the final villain. I'd rename the Neutrinos, to avoid confusion.
Proud Digimon nut.
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I'd have Donatello "pull the plug" on Timothy... Mirage style.
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Casey: Being less full of himself and actually receiving training by the turtles or Splinter in martial arts, without losing his own fighting style.

April: No special powers. I didn't dislike it but it didn't do much for me either.

Bishop: No Utrom. Instead being a human elite agent for the government who chases after the turtles. Not necessarily evil, but genuinely believes their presence among humans is a potential threat.

I would have liked an arc with the turtles directly being confronted by the prejudice of humans, and to see more of their desires or dreams to be part of human society.

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Originally Posted by miru View Post
I would have had Mutagen Man be entirely responsible for the Mutant Apocalypse arc, rather than the Foot. He would also come back as Titanus and serve as the final villain. I'd rename the Neutrinos, to avoid confusion.
I see Don Vizioso becoming Titanus. After all, Vizioso is a human who sees mutants as scum because they are mutants. It doesn't matter to him if any of them had been human previously, they are mutants now and that's all he needs to know.

Titanus is a mutant criminal from the future who sees humans as scum and wants to turn the city into mutants as grunts for his criminal empire.

It would be sort of fitting for Vizioso to wind up mutated, but instead of being angry that he's a mutant now he embraces his new form as he realizes how powerful he is. And that maybe it wasn't the muties who were the problem it was the humans who were the real trash in the city. He would be vengeful towards the turtles as well, and he would want to kill them as a display of what happens if you cross him.

I also think they should have returned to Grody discovering the turtles.

In the episode where she first captures footage of the turtles, she proclaims Muckman as a hero because there is already a bunch of people saying that was what he was. And unless she had reason to report otherwise that was the direction she had to go.

With the Turtles, on the other hand, they were a blank slate and she could make up whatever crap she wanted because ratings.

When Muckman throws her off their trail by telling her they were just a group of kids playing dress up. But this is just a bandaid to smooth over things.

Grody would just need to catch the turtles while they are fighting a mutant threat to the city. Such as the Super Shredder or Kavaxus for instance, and then notice them being able to do things that should be impossible if they were human.

Grody could then reveal what sort of threat they are to the city calling the battles "Mutant Gang Wars" and also use this as leverage to report that Muckman wasn't the hero everyone thinks he is.

So then the Turtles have to deal with the fact they are not only orphans, but they are now seen as public enemy #1
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I wouldn't have given April any powers either. I think I would have just left her as the normal 'everyone' character, who through her is the proxy which we discover and learn about the Turtles. Giving her powers just makes me feel like they didn't know how to make a normal female character interesting.
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Mature Mikey up. Damn, he's supposed to be a teenager and he acts more like a toddler.

I also started to lose interest when 2012 started to do the same thing as in 2k3, made it the Leonardo show and his bumbling brothers. Don't get me wrong, I like Leo, and he's probably my second favorite in most incarnations, but they are going way overboard in 2012 and 2k3 with how he's the only one that can take on Shredder and Karai. Poor Mikey ended up not being much of a threat, and I just wished we could get an animated version similar to the Mikey we saw in the 1990 movie.
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I would've made the Kraang a bigger threat.

Despite them being the one's responsible for everything going into motion (even the evolution of humans), they are brushed off far too easily and treated like comic relief to an extent.

The season 3 middle two parter had the turtles warp their whole army into Dimension X, after which they never make any meaningful appearance or impact, despite still being out there.

Its this one thing, along with Ciro's talk about the script about a Kraang themed special, which makes me hopeful that we haven't seen the last of the 2012 turtles.
Originally Posted by MikeandRaph87 View Post
The biggest villains were the censors.
What they could do without being held back is my question.
Shredder could've done more than blow up the Channel Six building.
I don't mean as far as murdering Splinter, but think of the possibilities if censors were not an issue.
Shredder and Krang combined had the biggest arsenal of any villains in all of the cartoons.
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Oh boy I got a lot to say

Leonardo-I actually like this Leo but found his hypocritical stance on vengeance to be off putting. Have him struggle with the idea of vengeance in season 5, I'm not saying make him go full Punisher but its kind odd how he showed Shredder's head like a trophy but told Don that him wanting revenge on the Don is a bad thing never mind the fact they have anti mutant weapons

Raph- Not much to say but lay off the physical abuse and the whole leaving on my own thing got old by season 4

Donnie- 86 the whole Apriltello thing or at least don't make Don a creepy stalker in the 1st two seasons because boy that was hard to watch.

Mikey- I HATE this incarnation of Mikey, for some reason the writers thought it would be a good idea to have him be as smart as Billy from Grim Adventures and he is just unbearable most of the time, seriously how many episodes do we see him mess with Donnie's dangerous equipment/chemicals. Half the time I wonder how he even lived to see 15 with all of his limbs attached because of how stupid he is. TLDR I would add 50 IQ points and not make him the turtle equivalent of Patrick

April- The whole Kraang thing was interesting but I wish her powers were a bit more passive in nature and giving her telekinesis kind of made her feel a little too OP and made her feel too much like Jean Grey. Also speaking of powers I felt that the later seasons focused too much on that and not enough on her character/personality with the exception of City At War.

Casey- Pretty much my least favorite version of the character which is a shame because he showed so much promise at the start. I said it before but we should've seen Casey interacting with his family at least once since it was his motivation and it would've add some dimensions to the character also make him waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy less obnoxious and annoying.

Splinter- Actually like this incarnation but have him more proactive when it comes to Shredder and needs to check his 6 more.

Shredder- Most people say that he is the most three dimensional Shredder and I don't see it, he feels too much like a 1 dimensional character focusing only on killing Splinter which got old by season 3 and despite his "love" for Karai he barely treats her any different than say Bradford. So I would have him similar to IDW Shredder as a character who despite having a personal relationship with Splinter still wants to expand his empire and do other things.

Karai- I like this character but didn't enjoy how she was basically ping ponged by two opposing forces in late season 2 and season 3 also thought her mutant powers were dumb. So I would keep almost everything except for the whole snake mutant thing and have her actually join the final fight against Shredder.

Hun/Alopex- I said it before but this series has the Young Justice effect in that they have well loved characters make an appearance but don't do anything with them. So I would have Hun have some sort of rivalry with Casey and have their relationship and development grow over the course of the series as for Alopex have her appear in season 3 and actually be somewhat of a recurring character.

Xever- Did my boy dirty, one of my favorite Shredder Lieutenants and has a fighting style we never seen in any iteration. Unfortunately though he had to turn into Fishface and his design as a mutant was just awful and those comically giant switchblade knives aren't helping either. So personally I would drop the whole Fishface angle and have his persona Mr X used more in the series

Bebop & Rocksteady- Even though I enjoy their IDW iteration I didn't care for this version, mostly because they had no chemistry and it felt like they were only friends because the writers decided to give some fan service to the OT show without realizing why OT Bebop & Rocksteady worked as a duo. So instead I would probably have them act as a third party because it never made sense to me why they would still work for Shredder, especially when Rocksteady is already an arms dealer which means he has some sort of following also I would make their relationship more professional because again I never understood why they became buddy buddy as the series went on.

Baxter- NO FLY BAXTER, also like Bebop and Rocksteady I think it would've been better if he was another party or at least independent and goes from faction to faction like 2k3 Baxter and have him more confident and cocky as the series goes on. Another thing is that I wish we got more "Baxter Gambit" episodes with him trapping his enemies into death traps sort of like Arcade or Jigsaw.

Tigerclaw- Thought he had a somewhat of a cool design but felt too much like a creators pet. Personally I would play more into the hunter aspect of his character and make his fight scenes reflect that. Rarely have him get up close with his enemies and either attack them from a far, ambush them or set up traps. Don't get me wrong this happened numerous of times in the show but I felt it was too few and far between. Also have him act more like a professional mercenary and have him leave the Shredder when the mentioned gets too crazy and mutates himself. Also NO JETPACKS because my god that was cringe.

Bradford/Dogpound/Rahzer/Whatever- Have him be the Hun of the series in that he will do everything to please the Shredder and have Shredder call him his closest friend/ally because it really didn't make sense when he referred that position/title to Tigerclaw

Kraang- Admittedly I wasn't that much of a fan when it came to the Kraang but even I felt that they were rarely treated as dire/important as Shredder despite them being responsible for human evolution. I personally would erase the human evolution aspect to the lore you can have them on Earth for a long time but the the whole being here since the dawn of mankind is just too much for me. Not much to say except give them more of a presence and like FredWolfLeonarndo said don't brush them off.

Purple Dragons- Give them interesting designs and personality

Irma- Keep her human

Timothy/Mutagen- Give him some sort of an ending whether it be him turning into a villain, him coming to terms into being a mutant, turning into a human, or whatever actually give the character some sort of resolution.

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