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10 percent tax on household income
No sales tax or property tax

No open borders. We would still have a well regulated immigration system based on merit and intelligence. If we import all the stupid people eventually that is what our country will be left with.

Citizenship for immigrants will always be provisional based on their criminal activity. If they commit a felony their citizenship is revoked after they spend the appropriate amount of time in prison for the crime they commited. They will be deported after their incarceration.

Repeal the law of citizenry of land. Just because you're born on this land you shouldn't be a citizen. One of your parents has to be a citizen already for a child born here to be a citizen.

Freedom of religion. If someone doesn't want to bake a cake take your business elsewhere. Write a bad review and move on.
Freedom of speech. There is no such thing as hate speech.

Of course limited federal government. Taxes should be used for military and infrastructure alone.
No foreign aid.
Privatize healthcare. No government subsidies
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