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1980's Shellraiser CGI

Hi I'm new here, but wanted to post a model I've been playing around with.
I'm using a 3D app called Maya and it's early blocking phase and I'm not entirely sure where I'm going with this one. At first I wanted to 3D print it to figure scale, but I probably never will. It would have been cool to make it an RC with working catapult etc.

I've taken massive liberties with the gadgets as you can see, but I'm extremely rigid that it has to look exactly like the one seen in the cartoon and first and foremost, incorporate the functions and weapons that exist in the show. I'm unsure about the length of the van itself.

Bear in mind though, that this is just a mockup, but it would be really cool to get feedback and ideas. What looks plausible and what doesn't work.

Enough talk, here's some playblasts.

EDIT: Sorry, was under the impression the vehicle was called shellraiser, but I assume it's just the "Turtle van". I'd appreciate if a moderator would edit this.
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