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Worst episodes of the whole series?

I see a list for the best episodes, it what about the complete opposite. Since the shows now officially over, what were the lowest episodes for you guys and be rating them. I'll also rate each season based on all 26 episodes they have.

Here are my personal low blows:

Season 1: 9.5/10

Parasitical: Not really a bad episode, it was decent, but it was however the first time we had ever had a giant long hiatus and fans at this time were wondering when the episode would come out. When it finally came, after an enternity later, it wasn't up to our expectation. We expected this episode to be LEGENDARY if we were to wait that long but it was only "good" at best. Honestly, a good episode, but wasn't worth the wait. Thankfully, the episode that followed, which we had to wait another hiatus for, Operation: Breakout, was an AWESOME episode and well worth the wait, heading into the Season 1 Finale and into Season 2. 7/10

Cockroach Terminator: Not really a bad episode, but it was just kind of, well....gross, although it was very good character development for Raph. 6/10

The Pulverizer: Do I even have to say much more on how mediocre this episode was? 5/10

It Came From the Depths: Not a bad episode, but not a good one either. It did introduce the ALMIGHTY AND AWESOME BADASS Leatherhead but it was just a bore to watch, not much action and I can still barely remember the plot. 5/10

Season 2: 9.2/10

Vengeance is Mine: A rather weak episode, mutating Karai was a STUPID idea since the whole idea of turning her back just became a mess and honestly was not the best episode. 6/10

Plan 10: Switching Bodies, interesting concept but this episode is just forgettable, not to mention April and Casey switching bodies which inspired a whole bunch of Rule 34 artwo- yeah, lets not go there...... 6/10

Mazes and Mutants: I actually don't dislike this episode as much as most people do, I quiet enjoy this episode. It's just filler but I quiet liked the idea of the Turtles taking a break and just being, well, teenagers, albeit weird ones dressing up but still a nice episode. Just not as strong as most episodes in Season 2 were. 7/10

Mikes gets Shellachne :Where do I even begin? Not only is this one of my most HATED episodes of the WHOLE SERIES it is also one of the worst episodes in the Turtles franchise. The stupid nonsensical plot of Mikey get achne was just gross and don't even get me started on mutating Dogpound. That's a rant for another list. The only good part was Baxter Stockman getting a more prominant role from this episode onwards. Anyways, horrible episode, deserves a 2/10

Season 3: 7/10

The Fourfold Trap: While a nice concept, the episodes execution was terrible. Plus that nonsensical storyline of Snake Karai comes back and it just confuses me. Although it had some nice ideas, not one of my favourites. 6/10

The Deadly Venom: Just a boring episode. Nothing interesting happens. It made me fall asleep. Karai' storyline is so messed up and jumbled that I even stopped caring at this point and just gave up. It was so boring this episode. I probably found Donnie's head being a pineapple more interesting than watching it. Not bad, just boring. 4/10

Race with a Demon: Same with the episode above ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 4/10

A Foot Too Big: This episode, this friggin' episode, had potential. Man did they screw it up. Donnie is just a complete idiot, April is just annoying and I just felt bad for Big Foot after he/she/it heard all those mean things said about him/her/it even though it was still a struggle to watch this episode with Bigfoot causing so much trouble. I just cringed at that part. Anyways, not nearly as bad as what people say about it but not a good episode. 4/10

Season 4: 5.9/10

The Power Inside Her: So, you'd think once they would reach the hot 100 mark, they'd actually do something decent? Maybe a crossover with the 2003 turtles, maybe the Triceratons return, maybe Kraang Prime is back, maybe the Turtles go back in time once again, maybe meeting their past selves from the events of the first episo- I don't know! You'd think once they had reached the One Hundreth episode, the show would have LEGENDARY episode for us..........NOPE! Instead this episode had focused, not Shredder, not the Kraang, and not even anything interesting like that. It focused on April's powers. -13/10

The Evil of Dregg: Worst episode of the whole series! -26/10

The Ancient Aeons: Pretty much started a ****** storyline. 2/10

Broken Foot: Forgotten this episode already. 5/10

Season 5: 6/10 (So Far......)

Haven't seen th season in its entirety so can't really make a judgement just yet.

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