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I love 2k3 Mikey. Screams and all.

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Originally Posted by Dejablue View Post
I love 2k3 Mikey. Screams and all.
thank goodness
you and I are now friends haha
"Go! Move it, will ya? Aw, you're letting him blow right by ya! Can you believe this guy? Come on! Don't just...! Ninja-kick the damn rabbit! Do something!"
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2k3 Mikey’s one of my favourite characters. He is hilarious and often gets the best lines. Love his references to pop culture.
Donatello: The tracker! It might work.
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I was wondering if a certain channel for a certain video service named "Pluto TV" had an certain episode of the program named "Wedding Bells and Bytes" appear after appearing to have had one named "Super Power Struggle" this past Sunday since it often appeared to have had an episode of the first program produced for Nickelodeon less than a minute after appearing to have had the episode named "Super Power Struggle" (I had fallen to sleep while the channel appeared to had been very close to having the episode named "Wedding Bells and Bytes" that Sunday due to the order of the episodes it appeared to have had in its programming by the time I had fallen to sleep).
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