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Help! Advice for my TMNT collection.

Hello there fellow Technodrome members! I'm just searching for some advice. Most every year I enter my TMNT collection in my local county fair ( The Ventura County Fair, if you're curious) but I have yet to win first place. Now I don't have a huge collection, but what I do have is very special to me, and they only allow a total of 25 pieces. I'm just asking for some creative advice from you guys. If you have any ideas on how I can display my collection to make it pop, and be noticed

Here are some photos from last year

In the front there I have brief write up on what the TMNT is, as well as a timeline starting with the mirage comics ending with 2012 Nick turtles.
Thanks dudes! Cowabunga!
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How fun! To start, perhaps look at the top winners and see what they've been doing these past years. Maybe a "theme" pops out for you and what the winners seem to have in common and shoot for doing something similar with your spin. The judging criteria may not be suited to your collection. Boxed items can sometimes be a snooze unless creatively used or the boxes themselves really catch the eye. The figure case is cool, perhaps have it partly open to show some figures inside?
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