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TMNT #85 Preview and Discussion

First look:

Sorry for my bad English
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The novelty hit by Thomas Dobly is a nice touch and is a reference to April perhaps?

Turtle Van IDW style? Hmmm...
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I just realized that this is probably the first time ever in TMNT history that Baxter has actually succeeded in eliminating New York's rat problem!
Granted, that's probably going to come to an uncomfortable parallel with Leatherhead later in the issue...but it still stands to show...good job??

We seem to have some idea of when the Donatello Macro issue takes place...and what comes out of it for the most part. Harold's "old" lab is...something.

Speaking of Leatherhead earlier on, I would say that he's going after the MOUSERS probably thinking they're still part of Krang's security, as seen with the giant one back when he was introduced. Not even realizing that it's all mostly Baxter acting on his own, with April probably pulling the strings.

You could say she's...blinding him with science.
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Can't believe we're only 15 issues away from #100. We're so close now, it's ridiculous.
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Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
Can't believe we're only 15 issues away from #100. We're so close now, it's ridiculous.
Next November, I think... if I counted off on my fingers correctly.
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