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Mad Scientist
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I find music uplifting, be it something with a beat/dance, light rock, light reggae, love songs, old or new.
I think I only found one type to have the opposite affect and almost feel like it was draining me than lifting me and that was heavy hip hop. Not heard any recently though.
Rave never appealed to me either.
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Originally Posted by Original TMNT Cartoon Fan View Post
The 1970's are a great decade, with so many genres being popular (glam rock, disco, country, country rock, American folk music, hard rock and heavy metal).
And you didn't even mention prog rock? Shame on you.
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I Married a Duck!
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I tend to prefer more upbeat music, or genres or songs that are relaxing or emotional. I feel that music should have a theme, evoke strong emotions, tell a story, or have a message or meaning beyond just simple enjoyment. Even better if it does most or all of those things. I mentioned in the IM thread, that my favorite song of theirs is Empire of the Clouds, for exactly that reason. It sends a definite message about human arrogance and carelessness, tells a tragic yet true story, and the melody and instrumentals evoke some very strong feelings of loss. For those who don't know, it is about the crash of the giant zepplin R101, one of the worst air disasters in aviation history. A beautiful yet very mournful piece, and one of their longest, which is probably why it never gets played on the radio, or even performed at their concerts.
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A Crusty Bob Fan
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Rap, hip-hop, and a majority of Ed Sheeran's songs are among some of the types of music that I can do without.

Ed's a fairly talented songwriter, but OMG his songs play on just about every local station out here.
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Foot Elite
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Disco and R'n'B.
And Russian Pop Music.

Those aside, I can listen almost to anything else.
Now with 200,1% more poison!
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Mr Salk
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Nu Metal is the worst-sound and worst-spellers (Limp Bizcut, Korn, Linkin Park).
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Originally Posted by Mr Salk View Post
Nu Metal is the worst-sound and worst-spellers (Limp Bizcut, Korn, Linkin Park).
Nu Metal is kinda basic and repetitive, yes. Tbh, I dunno how it was so big for a couple of years or so. I remember most kinds in my school liking it in 1999-2001, but then again we were kids. I think most people who like Nu Metal are people who were kids or teenagers when it was pretty popular.

I'm gonna guess that Nu Metal filled in a void of "heavy and aggressive music" at the time. The biggest metal bands and sub-genres were either no longer as hot/popular as they once were(Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Megadeth, etc.) or had sold out(Metallica) and became rock bands. Plus, Pantera were on their way to making their last studio album. So there weren't a lot of mainstream metal bands left that were still cool nor were there many big ones emerging. The strongest metal scene at the time were probably the Power Metal and Black Metal scenes in Europe. But Metal wasn't doing that great in the States. death and thrash had peaked in the 80s and early 90s and then declined heavily in both quality and popularity.

Hip-Hop was also pretty popular in the 90s and a lot of artists who grew up listening to both metal and rap music probably thought it'd be a good idea to fuse them together somewhat.

That being said, there are some good Nu Metal songs out there. And most of them have either been used as WWE entrance songs or as PPV theme songs. So just stick to those and you'll be fine,

The bad spelling was intentional. Back in the 90s, it was "cool" to mispell words like that. Hence why it's Mortal Kombat and not Mortal Combat, for example. People really loved the letters "K" and "X" back then
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Reggae & dubstep
激亀忍者伝 💛
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