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Stone Warrior
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looking for ideas - want TMNT related stuff in vehicle

New job is going to have me on the road a lot, looking for some eye candy for my vehicle

Not looking for anything too gaudy or stuff that screams "NEEEEEEEEERRRRD!" too much.

I was considering one of the classic ninja action figures since they have a pretty stable design to avoid falling over all the time, but looking for other ideas.

Also wanted a TMNT air freshener, but haven't seen any I like
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Salami Origami
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There are oodles of neat keychains out there you could hang from your mirror. I'm big on the ones that are little figures, myself. There's have a TMNT sun shade if you need one of those, they do come in handy where it's hot. I imagine there's other car-specific goods, but they'd definitely be gaudy.

Not entirely sure what you're looking for, though.
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Like, stupid rich.
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You can get these guys for $15 bucks, free shipping. Hang one off your mirror and switch it up whenever you feel it's gotten stale.

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