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Andrew NDB
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Originally Posted by neatoman View Post
Sure, but this still means Disney now controls a signifigantly larger portion of the entertainment industry than they already did.
It's only like 10 properties that "matter" right now. Definitely notable, but hardly like this big scary anti-trust thing.
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I don't think you realize how much clout Disney has and how it stifles competition. This will affect more than you think, it's not just about Disney now having more properties, this will shake the current entertainment industry.

Good stuff can come out of it if Netflix can keep up and they up their game but I don't know in general these things are never good for the consumer when there's less choices.
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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
What did they do in the 80s that is equivalent? I don't remember them buying up anyone.
They prevented third party developers from developing for other systems. They pretty much gobbled up any competition by buying the developers who could create competition while enforcing suffocating rules. It got so bad Nintendo were taken to court for what they were doing and got the karma they so perfectly deserved.
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