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Been lettin' it pile up a bit. Got some cool stuff recently.

First up, I got these Funko "Savage World" Street Fighter Ryu and Blanka figures:

Again, 5.5s are what they are, but these are cool for what they are. Kinda bummed how this line comes with NO accessories, unlike every other set of "Savage World" and "Primal Age" figures they did, but I guess they were running out of money near the end or something, and since their 5.5 line was ending I guess they just couldn't be bothered with any extras. I know Street Fighter characters don't really have weapons or "accessories" but something like a clip-on fireball effect or something like they did with Raiden's lightning would have been better than nothing. Ah well.

With these, I have all of their Street Fighter figures except the blue and yellow Blanka variant. If I find him cheap enough I'll snag him. I find most of these for about ten bucks, which ain't bad.

Next up, another one for the Kenner/Hasbro "JLA" line, with this awesome Wonder Woman!

Pretty perfect representation of her 90s look down to the last detail. For some reason, it took them a long time to get this figure out there, as she wasn't part of the "Total Justice" line that came out before this series (and that they borrowed most of the molds from; seriously, 2/3s of the JLA line is repainted "Total Justice" figures, not that I'm complaining, it's just weird that the first line had a friggin' HUNTRESS figure but no Wonder Woman). Furthermore, not only was she NOT in "Total Justice", she didn't even come out until the very last wave of THIS series, which just baffles me. This is a cool line, but they put out no less than three Batman variants before coming out with their FIRST Wonder Woman, and that just kills me. ZAURIEL got a figure first. PLASTIC MAN, even. C'mon.

Anyways, great figure, only gripe is that the "lasso" is just a molded plastic golden/yellow ring, but at least it snaps onto her hip. She's kinda got resting bitchface BUT I admire the level of paint detail for that scale in a 1998 figure.

I've got a couple more of these JLA figures on the way. Trying to get all the new characters first before going back and filling in the repaints like Aquaman and Flash, since again, they really are just the Total Justice figures repainted; some look better, some don't.

Next up, a much-needed addition to the OSFTM WCW line, "The Total Package" Lex Luger!

This is one of the more rare (and expensive) figures in the "rubber statues" series of WCW figures. This "WCW Nitro" set was the last series before they switched to the "pulsating" and then "action feature" style and scale, so most of them are a bit harder to come by now. Also, this was the one and only Luger figure they did from that line, and as one of the final figures in that set he was one of the few guys not to be released as either a repaint or a two-pack (although later Lex figures saw multiple repackagings). So he's a bit more scarce than a lot of the other guys.

Sadly, while I don't dislike the figure it's one of the weaker ones in the line. The pose is spot-on, but a lot of little things mess it up. His armbands are too low, they're supposed to be higher up on his arms near his armpits. His facial likeness isn't that great. And his head sculpt suffers from a lack of sculpt detail in his hair; the top of his head mostly looks like a smooth round blob painted yellow. And like a lot of these figures, he's just too darn pale. Like, he's SO pale you can only barely recognize him as Lex, whose secondary characteristic aside from his physique was his golden (but not quite Hogan-level) tan. I know that it was most likely down to being cost-effective and molding most of these figures in the same color plastic, but it really hurt the figures for guys like Luger and Hogan.

Altogether though, not too bad, and a must-have for this series.

Finally, these AWESOME Bill & Ted figures from Fig Biz and Incendium showed up in the mail today!

For some reason, I thought these would be a little bigger, but regardless, they're GREAT! The likenesses are nearly perfect and all the little details seem spot-on. Having swappable "regular" and "guitar pick" hands was a nice touch. These are a no-brainer for any Bill & Ted fan!

I think they're about $35 each on the Incendium website. They also have the "Bogus Journey" variants, The Grim Reaper, and the Phone Booth, all of which I'll hopefully be picking up soon.

I got a couple of other things but I'll be posting them in the appropriate thread.

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