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Question Just Bought Turtles Playmates Cold Cast Statues Set- Did I Overpay???

Hi All! So I have been "stalking" the TMNT PLaymates Cold Cast statue figures since first announced them back in the early 00's. At the time, I was a poor college student and $125+ was too much of an investment. Over the years I watched as more were released and again kept passing up the opportunity to buy due to various reasons.

In recent months I was finally ready to purchase, but by now they're long OOP, Mirage is in hibernation, and TMNT prices in general have soared due to enthusiasim of the new show. Last night at 1am CST a mint set of all 4 complete with boxes/packaging came up on eBay for $1210 BIN + shipping. As I have been monitoring these for a while and seen Donatello go for close to this price alone, I jumped on it. Now, 8 hours later I'm having some buyers remourse.

What are your thoughts? Did I over pay? At the end of the day I spent just over twice that of retail for each figure before shipping costs (when averaged) but I fear turtle hype may have got the best of me and in 4-5 years these will be selling for $50 a piece when things die down again. I guess I don't know much about the general long term collectability of statues like this and am looking for some advice as far as if I should keep them or consider turning around and re-selling them once received.

Ebay listing is below.


eBay Listing for TMNT Cold Cast PLaymates
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